Chapter 609: Infiltrate

TitleChapter 609: Infiltrate
Alternative Title网游之逆天戒指, The Ring That Defies The Heavens
Author(s)Primodial Saint,上古圣贤
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Sci-fi,Supernatural
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 609: Infiltrate – Average means nothing to our young protagonist! Why be normal when you have the chance to become a real life superman! Follow Jiang Fei as he discovers a mysterious ring that allowed him to play a Hyper Realistic Immersive MMORPG call Dawn Break! As the thin line between game and reality is gradually blurred, Jiang Fei finds himself having to deal with the troubles that follow him everywhere he goes. This is a story revolving around a real-life cheat code! From zero to hero, follow Jiang Fei as his fascinating adventures unfold!.

Chapter 609: Infiltrate

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Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, Shang Guanqi was having the time of her life watching Jiang Fei fight. There was a variety of emotions running through her. It was too bad that Jiang Fei was paying too much attention to the fight and not noticing Shang Guanqi’s beautiful expression of emotions. However, once the last of the Bio-Humans were killed, she returned to her emotionless expression.

“Phew… That was tough. Glad I made it without getting hurt!” said Jiang Fei to himself. Defeating an actual perfected Bio-Human at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 was no easy task. Despite not receiving a fatal blow, he had lost a total of 20% power!

“I was right after all. Staying with you does increase my chance of survival,” said Shang Guanqi after Jiang Fei returned.

“Take this. Go and group with Yang Po and the rest of the team. Your current mission is to make sure of your own survival,” said Jiang Fei as he handed the communicator over to Shang Guanqi.

“This option is unfavorable. Staying with the rest of the team has only increased the chance of death by 50%!” said Shang Guanqi as she left Jiang Fei hanging.

“I do not care about that. I am now going to rescue the other teams that were in trouble. I find it extremely distracting with you within my sight. Besides, I’m worried about the other girls,” said Jiang Fei as he took one step closer to Shang Guanqi. He was only a hair’s length away from kissing her.

Jiang Fei was going to infiltrate one of the underground facilities of the Japanese. He could not have Shang Guanqi coming with him for his trump card would be exposed. On the other hand, Yang Po and the others were too weak on their own. Having Shang Guanqi with them could at least increase their overall combat prowess.

“Are you asking me for a favor?” asked Shang Guanqi.

“Huh?” Jiang Fei was thrown. If he remembered correctly, he was the team leader. That was not a favor but an order! However, Jiang Fei was stunned when he heard Shang Guanqi saying something that was completely out of her character.

“If this is a favor, I’ll gladly go over and watch the trash,” said Shang Guanqi without flinching.

“Fine. I’m calling for a favor,” said Jiang Fei. It was not the time and place to play with Shang Guanqi as Zhao Ganming could be on the brink of death.

“Alright, it is done,” said Shang Guanqi as she took the communicator from Jiang Fei’s hand and disappeared with the wind. Even though the girls had considered Shang Guanqi as being expelled from the team, she could still prove that Jiang Fei had sent her to the girls with the communicator as proof.

After Shang Guanqi had left, Jiang Fei suddenly felt a shiver down his spine. Did he actually send help or trouble to the girls…?

At the same time, the Mutant Brotherhood, the European Vatican, Zhao Ganming’s teams were almost at the brink of despair. If Jiang Fei did not destroy the secret facilities as soon as possible, the Bio-Human soldiers would only keep on chasing after the alliance. Yang Po and the others would not be able to escape the Japanese archipelago unharmed. In the worst-case scenario, Jiang Fei might be the only person left standing.

“0541, cloak please,” said Jiang Fei as he prepared to infiltrate the Japanese facilities.

The surface of Jiang Fei’s body began to crackle with electricity. After that, the light around Jiang Fei became to distort heavily. It took only a few seconds for 0541 to deploy a perfect cloaking field around Jiang Fei that not only make Jiang Fei invisible to visible light, but also removed his body heat, the sound generated by walking, and even body scent. It was a lesson learned after Jiang Fei had an encounter with the horrendous hounds a while back.

With cloaking activated and coordinates given by 0541, Jiang Fei found the entrance to the secret facility in only a few minutes.

“Sheesh. They had this place guarded like the queen of England!”

There were just too many Bio-Human soldiers patrolling around the facility that Jiang Fei could not even find a gap anywhere. He would not be able to infiltrate the place without his cloaking system. Thankfully, he managed to slip past the guards simply by walking between the patrolling teams.

Unbeknownst to the others, the Bio-Human seemed to be invincible. With numbers and strength, the Japanese had gotten themselves a powerful army. However, they were not all-powerful. After a certain amount of time, every single one of the Bio-Human must return to a facility to be immersed into a tank with a special liquid. It was both a stabilizing agent as well as an energy replenishing function. Eating and resting alone would not restore the vitality of the unnatural, synthetically-made Bio-Human.

Jiang Fei noticed this trend and followed the Bio-Human that looked sluggish and weak into one of the facilities. Once he was in, 0541 started to analyze the structure of the facility and feed all the information to Jiang Fei.

After three minutes, 0541 came in with two very important information.

“Captain, I have located the position of the enemy’s Bio-Human Pilots. I have also found the location of the ship fragment!”

“Right. Have you identified the ship fragment?” said Jiang Fei. For a moment there, he had completely forgotten about his priority.

“Captain, it is the Medical Bay!”

“Alright. What do you suggest we do next?” asked Jiang Fei.

“Captain, it is advised to first deal with the Bio-Human operators. If we retrieve the Medical Bay first, the enemy will be alerted to our present. I have detected explosives in this entire facility and I suspect that if we have been detected, they might activate a self-destruct program,” said 0541.

“That’s true,” said Jiang Fei. The only reason why the Japanese had not killed their captive prisoners was because they could still be used as bait. If Jiang Fei had alerted the Japanese of his infiltration, they might kill every single prisoner out of spite!

On the other hand, if Jiang Fei first dealt with the operators of the Bio-Human soldiers, he might be able to greatly reduce the offensive power of the Japanese. Not only would he be able to save the captive prisoners, he would also be able to retrieve the Medical Bay without much resistance.

Jiang Fei then planned his route and followed the directions given by 0541. First, he needed to make sure that he could avoid being detected by anyone. After that, he made his way to the main control room of the facility where it was guarded tightly by many Level 4 Bio-Human soldiers. However, Jiang Fei walked passed them without even triggering any alarm. Once he was in the control room, he was left with two options. Either wait for someone to open the door or straight up break-in.

“0541, do me a favor and scan inside the control room,” said Jiang Fei.

“Captain. There are five Intermediate Level 4 Bio-Humans, 300, possibly more, Level 2 ninjas and samurais, and a few common humans,” said 0541.

“Jackpot,” said Jiang Fei.

Based on 0541’s report, Jiang Fei had understood how the Bio-Humans were controlled. Most of the Level 2 Bio-Humans were products of the experiment using their own soldiers as specimens. Engineering them to such low level would not kill them. Only those that had reached Level 3 or higher required someone else to remotely control them. That was where the ninjas and samurais came in because of their fighting capabilities.

The other common folks should be the technicians and scientists to do maintenance and monitoring.

Jiang Fei current mission was to destroy the piloting system to save all the prisoners. On the other hand, he needed to make sure that none of the technology that were in that room end up in the wrong hands.


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