Chapter 43: Entrancement

TitleChapter 43: Entrancement
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 43: Entrancement – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

The second day of killing monsters. Big bear battle squad’s efficiency in killing monsters had clearly increased a lot compared to yesterday! The ones who made the most progress was the idiot trio. After opening their flux points according to their respective paths, today, their offense had become even more potent. Four-eyed brother thin had opened the palm pond point 1 of the right hand and every time he threw with his flux strength, it caused purer flux energy to come out, which greatly increased the destructive power of the spinning beheader cross. The damage caused by the current spinning cross beheader hardly seemed any weaker than big Xiong’s flux power infused machine gun. Crooked teeth Qiang’s speed and jumping power had become even faster and agile, he had opened the foot sea point 2 . Now, if Li Yunmu didn’t fully use his Insect Step, then he would gradually fall behind crooked teeth Qiang and wouldn’t be able to catch upto him. Naturally, all these estimates were based on crooked teeth’s hunter equipment, otherwise, how could crooked teeth Qiang’s speed be comparable to the peerless Insect Step. However, big Xiong had changed his battle style today. When the dwarf witches were some distance away, this guy would open fire with his machine gun. But when the monsters come close, he would pull out a broadsword used by terminators in close combat and would rush to engage with them without any hesitation to make up for that position’s role. Today, the performance of this idiot trio had greatly startled Li Yunmu. After opening their flux energy points, not only had their battle strength swelled up. Additionally, they have also realized how to fight as a team and had made rapid progress. Unintendedly, at some point in time, the originally weak big bear battle squad had slowly matured. Learning their lesson from yesterday’s battle point distribution, these three were currently not only dealing heavy damage, but they had also gradually learned to earn the battle points belonging exclusively to the mastery of their roles. If Li Yunmu still wished to obtain the most amount of battle contribution rate, then today, he would have to use some of his true strength. Otherwise, obtaining more earnings would be difficult. “Ha ha ha….little Mu, if you still think that you can obtain almost half of the total earnings today, then dream on! Take a look at my backstab attack…” Crooked teeth Qiang moved around the peripheral edge of a group of blade dwarf witches. He would occasionally run far away and occasionally quickly enter the battlefield and sneakily stab some pitiful blade dwarf witch using his sharp bayonet before quickly escaping. Today, this guy could be considered to have thoroughly researched the hunter class. No wonder crooked teeth Qiang chose the hunter as his dominant class. His wretched and repulsive appearance perfectly concurred with the most suitable appearance for hunters. Furthermore, the terminator big Xiong was serving as the second front line of defense today. Relying on the heavy silver base armour for the terminator, he took care of part of the front line which belonged to Li Yunmu. Moreover, from time to time, he would also become a tracker and switch back to his machine gun to bombard a few scattered blade dwarf witches who were fleeing and kill them. Only brother thin remained unmoved at the rear guard. He was sincerely throwing his spinning beheader cross which he could eject very slowly to behead dwarf witches one by one. But even then, after he opened the palm pond point, the damage dealt by him had greatly swelled compared to yesterday. Li Yunmu, big Xiong, brother thin, crooked teeth Qiang, these four seemed to be bursting with energy today, as if they had sworn the oath to fiercely compete to earn battle contribution points. As for Ling Shuang, she was still like yesterday and would only shoot down the vicious poison arrow dwarf witches who were lying in wait to ambush them and hadn’t deliberately entered this “fight between founders”. When Li Yunmu checked the squad’s current battle contribution points, he was stunned, the idiot trio of big Xiong seemed to be on drugs. Today, his battle contribution percentage had declined substantially! Yesterday, he alone held 43% of the battle contribution out of hundred. Today, he was only at 32%, a full drop of 11%. Ling Shuang’s battle contribution was also the same and had gone down. However, he was glad to see such thing happen! Although his battle contribution percentage had gone down, the idiot trio had finally become rational. Their efficiency in killing monsters had increased a lot today. With just this morning, everyone had unwittingly killed several hundred dwarf witches. But who knows how many dwarf witch tribes existed within these Mountain Ridges. Regardless of how many they killed, the number of tribes never seemed to decrease. Violent Blade….Leap Strike….Arrow Evasion….Cricket Cut Kick….Leap Strike….Violent Blade….. With the idiot trio lightening his burden, Li Yunmu decided to change his style and increase the proficiency of his battle skills, he was even conveniently practicing stacking battle skills. However, because his Violent Blade skill had already leveled up yesterday and reached the third layer ‘experience makes things easy’, Li Yunmu’s current rate of killing monsters hadn’t slowed down in the least compared to yesterday! Rather, when he got more and more proficient with stacking battle skills, to the point that his body gradually remembered and instinctively executed these skills….. Soon, the trio of big Xiong finally discovered something was fishy! “Fuck me, little Mu your battle contribution. Why has it increased slightly?” “My god, you freak, you are killing monsters faster and faster now!” “You have become more and more adept at using this set of skills, will you even allow others to live?” After practicing from morning to afternoon, Li Yunmu honed this combination of foundation skills to the point of turning it into his battle instinct! In the eyes of the idiot trio, the set of foundation skills displayed by Li Yunmu, however, didn’t have much formidable strength. The effect also appeared to be mediocre and wasn’t as illustrious as famous battle skills used by others. Even the Violent Blade, which was the most powerful among these, only had the strength of a C or B grade battle skill. However, when afternoon arrived, they sensed something was odd. While Li Yunmu had been practicing to stack these battle skills and was playing around, his rate of killing monster gradually started to rise, even Ling Shuang, who had been silently killing the poison arrow dwarf witch waiting to ambush them, also had a hint of astonishment appear on her face. Perhaps rookies like the idiot trio couldn’t understand the significance of stacking these purely basic skills, but she could barely make out that it wasn’t that the strength of these foundation skills was great or their results weren’t outstanding, rather, this guy was concealing his true strength and basically hadn’t used his full strength to show the true level of these foundation skills. Indeed, as she thought, Li Yunmu naturally won’t use his full strength to execute these foundation skills comprehended through the system in front of these guys! Like Insect Step, this skill could allow him to travel a distance of several meters in a flash, but he was taking it easy by only using two-thirds of its true strength. Facing these blade dwarf witches attacking with their short knives, he only needed to move horizontally to dodge. Like Leap Strike, if he used this skill to its limit, then he would need to jump at least 3 m in the air and then draw support from earth’s gravity and his own weight as well as using his arm strength to explosively boost its power and land a heavy chop. But right now, he was only using his arm strength, he would just leap lightly and then quickly move towards the enemy in front of him to land a heavy chop. Although the strength used was light, his speed was very fast. His movements were also quick, the killing strike also moved swiftly to perfectly seize every chance in the battle….this made it seem abundantly strong. Even Violent Blade was also being used like this. The third level of Violent used fifteen consecutive chops, but right now. he was only using seven consecutive chops. Sometimes quickly, sometimes gently and sometimes swiftly. Apart from its might being less than when used in peak condition, the attack of these consecutive strikes was quite swift and fierce. Killing these dwarf witches didn’t even require seven strikes, they would mostly be killed within two or three strikes. There hadn’t been a single blade dwarf witch who was capable of enduring the swift and violent seventh chop. Violent Blade….Leap Strike….Arrow Evasion….Cricket Cut Kick….Leap Strike….Violent Blade…..the cycle continued throughout the whole afternoon and these stacked foundation skills became increasingly more coherent and smooth, turning more and more into his instincts. Gradually, when he fully used these foundation skills, they appeared to have become one with him. Previously, by relying on Admiralty Cover and activating Copper Body, he could confront at most 10 blade dwarf witches surrounding him. But now, relying on this set of skills, he could directly confront the assault several times more monsters head-on. “Not enough, crooked teeth, attract more.” “Still not enough, crooked teeth continue attracting more and also add a few more blade dwarf witches.” “This still won’t do, their numbers are still very few, we need to attract a bigger group…” At dusk, when the colour of sky began to change, the trio of big Xiong was stunned. Crooked teeth Qiang, who was acting as the vanguard to draw the monsters, had a bitter smile on this face and could only put forth a brave face while trembling with fear and attract an increasingly larger number of monsters. All this was the result of this guy, Li Yunmu, becoming completely absorbed in the training of this set of foundation skills. At this moment, Li Yunmu had already entered an extremely profound stage. “You heard his words, don’t interrupt his training, quickly attract monsters.” Ling Shuang had also stopped and after some thinking, said to brother thin: “You also go help crooked teeth in attracting monsters.” Gradually, Li Yunmu’s body, surrounded by a group of blade dwarf witches, seemed to be dancing on the tip of the blades. The combined application of Arrow Evasion and Insect Step seemed to have accomplished what he wanted. He would always move around freely and easily, he would always dodge the attack of monsters through a hair’s breath and then would always nimbly and swiftly follow up with the combination of skills, Violent Blade, Leap Strike, Cricket Cut Kick and then again, the Violent Blade’s heavy chops would kill large number of dwarf witch monsters. He had just gone on a killing spree within a community of monsters! Moreover, confronting the dwarf witches, his kill count continued rising from 10……then to 15…. 20….35 and still rising. Unconsciously, all of them stayed their hand and began to watch this guy, who was surrounded by dwarf witches, harvesting their heads, one after another like an envoy of death. Ling Shuang also stopped killing the ambushing poison arrow dwarf witch, which led to them also adding on to Li Yunmu’s blockade. However, Li Yunmu, who was in a kind of entrancement state, seemed to be assisted by heavens itself. When a large number of poison arrows were launched towards him, he would subconsciously dodge them all. From time to time, he would lightly step away, causing the incoming poison arrow to hit the blade dwarf witch pouncing on him. When he would be attacked by several poison arrows from the right side, Li Yunmu would slightly move away and flee using Insect Step. This would make the poison arrow fall on several blade dwarf witches standing behind him. “Abnormal, this guy is just moving against the flow.” “Impossible, didn’t Yunmu only have a middle-grade innate talent, then how can he reach this level?” The idiot trio of big Xiong was completely stunned with an incredulous expression on their face. … “Entrancement, it is the entrancement realm, this Li Yunmu had surprisingly entered the legendary battle sage entrancement…….the battle sage entrancement realm which anyone rarely encounters in a hundred years. Oh my god, a newcomer fluxer has been able to enter the entrancement realm, quickly, quickly go and inform the Lord Sage!” Not only the idiot trio, even Ling Shuang was completely stupefied! At this instant, in the sky above the Mountain Ridges, a fist-sized dimensional space eye, which had already entered stealth mode, was secretly recording everything. No one knew that Li Yunmu’s fight alone here at this moment had startled several people at the Heavenly Cloud Fluxer Guild.


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