Chapter 252: Five Lives Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

TitleChapter 252: Five Lives Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 252: Five Lives Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

conditions required to cultivate Ghostly Image Substitution were extremely harsh. The first one was to possess the bloodline, the second to be innately perceptive regarding spatial attribute, and third was formidable comprehension. Only if the person had all three things would they be able to grasp the essence of this skill. Otherwise, even cultivation relaying globes would be of no use. Those whose perception regarding spatial attribute was weak, they could never learn this skill. This was the demanding nature of a supreme skill. The life wasn’t so easy that anyone who wanted to cultivate could cultivate, and because of that, now everyone who was in possession of this supreme evasion technique could cultivate it for their own life-saving purposes. Fortunately, with Li Yunmu’s Arrow Evasion at the sixth “Outstanding” level, his comprehension naturally wasn’t weak. Moreover, with the Golden Golden Ghost King Armor, the dimensional armor inherited from the Ghost Clan, he could ignore the requirement for the bloodline. Thus, after entering the cultivation relaying globe and trying for roughly eighty-seven times, he obtained the system’s notification that he had grasped the basics of this supreme life-saving secret technique. And like for the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, the cultivation for the first level was set at ten thousand points. Moreover, because it was a substitution technique, it required a medium to substitute for him. Thus, if Li Yunmu wanted to completely grasp the first level, he also required a resentful soul. As for its quality, the higher the better. With higher quality, the resultful soul would be more powerful, and would then be able to last longer while substituting for him. This would give Li Yunmu more time to flee. [Ding, because host possesses eight shadows, once host cultivates the eighth level of Ghostly Image Substitution, you won’t need resentful souls. You will be able to use the eight shadows to substitute for you and die in your place,] the system aptly reminded him. Li Yunmu didn’t want to accept this, but after some thinking, he understood the reason behind it. Regardless of whether it was a resentful soul or a shadow, both of them could act as mediums and take his place to die. The essence of the Ghostly Image Substitution technique could be classified into two important points. First was evasion, which required formidable perception for the spatial attribute. Since Li Yunmu had cultivated the sixth level of Arrow Evasion and the true sight arrow “Blind Shot” of his Archery Foundation Skill, he had developed quite a good perception. Therefore, this wasn’t a problem. The second important point was the soul substitution. Li Yunmu thought for sometime, but didn’t settle on the shadows in place of resentful soul. Although each of his shadows could be resurrected three times each day, they were a part of his combat strength. Thus, he quickly took out a twelve rainbow light king’s resentful soul and used it as a medium. This wouldn’t be a simple decoy. The twelve rainbow light king’s resentful soul was capable of enduring a lot and would give him sufficient time to escape. Either don’t cultivate, or cultivate cultivate to the peak! Only the resentful soul of a twelve rainbow light king was suitable for this sort of supreme evasion technique. First level, ten thousand ability points, upgrade! Second level, twenty thousand ability points, upgrade! Fifth level, fifty thousand ability points, upgrade! After advancing to the fifth level, Li Yunmu relaxed for a moment. He had to use up 0,000 ability points to come this far, but fortunately, during the month he had stayed in the king’s true territory, he had accumulated a large amount of ability points which would now come of use. After reaching the fifth level, he didn’t cultivate any farther. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to proceed, but he didn’t have anymore resentful souls of king-level creatures. While living inside the King’s True Territory for a year, he had only exterminated five divine blood kings and nothing more. However, even then, if Devil learned that Li Yunmu had instantly cultivated to the fifth level, he would turn in his grave. It must be known that after training bitterly for so long, Devil had only attained the first level and was advancing toward the second level. This was the real difference between Li Yunmu and other fluxers. It wasn’t nothing that he had relied on to kill enemies with four layers higher cultivation than him. He wouldn’t have been able to kill more and more enemies as if they were chickens if not for one thing. The reason behind his strength was that since the beginning, all his cultivation methods and battle skills were never lower than B grade in terms of quality. Also, whenever he started cultivating one, he would instantly bring them up to the tenth level. This was the reason why he could battle with enemies who had higher cultivation. After all, as the skills became more profound, the time taken by others to cultivate them would increase exponentially, lasting even years. Fifth level Ghostly Image Substitution implied that Li Yunmu possessed five lives. No, if his own life was also counted, then he possessed six lives now. After he had successfully cultivated the secret technique, he couldn’t remain in the heavenly world and immediately rushed to the wilderness to test it on monsters. When some twenty monsters encountered a human presence, they immediately rushed forth. But the next instant, Li Yunmu completely ignored them and unleashed the supreme evasion technique. When Li Yunmu entered the hoard of beasts, he dashed right and left trying to break though their siege. At this time, for an instant he felt as if he had entered a special state. One after another, spatial channels appeared in the surrounding space. Li Yunmu hesitated for a moment, then chose the spatial passage on the northern side. It was his first time entering a spatial channel, and he felt as if he had lost all sense of time and distance within it. It felt as if many months and years were passing by, and at the same time as if only minutes were going by. Just when Li Yunmu was carefully examining this type of mystical experience of walking between the planes, a ray of light appeared in front of him, and the next instant he sobered up. Then he realized that he had returned back to the Fifth Dimension. “Awesome mystical experience, it really deserves to be called a supreme evasion technique.” Li Yunmu closed his eyes and carefully examined what he had experienced just moment ago. For the first time, the feeling that he could casually walk through space rose in his heart. According to rumors, as long as a Domain Sage left an imprint in a planar space, they could travel through the void between space and instantly arrive there, as long as the location wasn’t outside a certain range. [Ding, you had a profound experience while traveling through the void. Your Arrow Evasion’s proficiency has increased by three thousand points.] [Ding, you had a profound experience while traveling through the void which brought a small transformation to the true sight arrow. Requesting host to check personally.] The two sudden notifications from the system caused a shiver to pass through Li Yunmu’s heart. What the f*ck is this? He had barely experienced it one time and the proficiency of Arrow Evasion has already increased by three thousand points? It must be known that all his foundation skills had reached at least the fifth level. After attaining it, increasing the proficiency by even one point was extremely difficult. However, even more surprising was that his true sight arrow had surprisingly transformed. Li Yunmu immediately opened his skills panel, and as he looked through it once, sure enough, he found something new. The system had added a new property to the explanation of the true sight arrow – Clear Vision! This skill provided him with the ability to see an enemy concealed within the void and unleash Blind Shot to kill him.


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