Chapter 175: Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem

TitleChapter 175: Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 175: Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets Translator: Mercurial Editor: DarkGem – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

is the Sixth Dimension’s heaven fruit juice. It has only one use—to paralyze a Transcendent Flux Master, because of which it is one of its kind terrifying item, a treasure to aid in killing those of higher levels. But because there isn’t much left, it can only be used one or two more times. Its value is around one thousand one hundred million dimensional coins. “This is an extremely rare medicine which can regenerate bone and flesh, refined by the medicine sect of the Southern Continent. If a fluxer used it, even a great wound could be healed. But if an ordinary person used it, it could even regrow a limb…” When one of the appraisal masters said this, he was interrupted by Li Yunmu. “You said it can regrow limbs for ordinary people?” “Hm, yes, this is an A grade bone and flesh medicine refined by a supreme sect. The body constitution of a fluxer undergoes evolution, so this medicine cannot help regrowing body parts for them, but if it is used by ordinary people together with the flesh of a compatible evolved beast, then such a result can be certainly achieved. This medicine’s price approaches nearly three billion. The main reason for this extremely high price is that the master of the medicine sect who could refine this medicine passed away two years ago.” “Good, very good.” The greatest worry hanging over Li Yunmu’s head all this time could finally be laid down. This was the second time that Li Yunmu praised the appraisal master, which delighted the man greatly. Since such a thing happened, he knew that Old Hou would certainly not treat him unfavorably. Li Yunmu had originally obtained a bottle of Sacred Life Water, but after sustaining the attack from the forbidden weapon, he had to consume three drops. Presently, there were only four drops left, and Li Yunmu was afraid that this quantity wouldn’t be sufficient to regrow his father’s legs. After all, the main use of the Sacred Life Water wasn’t to regrow limbs, it was an extremely precious life saving treasure. If it was used just for regrowing someone’s legs, it would really be a great wastage. But now that Li Yunmu had the bone and flesh regenerating medicine, his heart, which had been anxious for a long time, finally calmed down a lot. He definitely hadn’t expected that this batch of looted items would surprisingly contain so many pleasant surprises of different types. Soon, the eight appraisal masters properly classified all the seven hundred seventy-seven items according to their grades. On top of each of them there was a small tag with detailed notes which made the items’ usage clear at a glance. The number of A grade spoils was thirty-seven, B grade spoils had one hundred sixty-eight treasures, and the number of C grade spoils was the largest. As for D grade spoils, there were none. After all, the cultivation of each of these items’ owners had been at least silvery crystal layer. They were also more formidable than average fluxers, so it was no wonder that none of the important treasures they carried on themselves were D grade. Apart from this, there were approximately thirty-six items which could were classified as special type of spoils. It was very difficult to evaluate their real grade because if their user was good, then these treasure would show even better results compared to A grade items. However, if their user was inferior, the results would naturally be terrible. Additionally, the true unexpected surprise was the three unknown treasures. The eight highly experienced appraisal masters of the Good News Pavilions couldn’t understand what these three items were used for. Li Yunmu could only collect them back into his heavenly world once again. He had to spend one hundred twenty million just to get the large pile of spoils appraised, and this was when Old Hou was charging the lowest price possible. From this it could seen that these items collected from more than two hundred higher cultivation fluxers were extremely astonishing, and were even more valuable compared to the enormous wealth earned by Li Yunmu from the huge wager. “There are still some good stuff left, which you should personally take a look at.” Li Yunmu waved his hand, and instantly, the seven hundred something treasures were collected back into his heavenly world. He didn’t intend to sell his spoils of war because there were few wealthy buyers who could buy these things, so he decided to store them for the time being. Maybe he’ll find a use for them in the future. Furthermore, because this was the Virtual Dimension World, these spoils of war were actually just a projection of the real product. So even if Li Yunmu wanted to sell them, it was impossible for this transaction to take place in the Virtual Dimension. The items which could be sold and bought in the Virtual Dimension were only the dimensional items or life forms for now. This was this world’s principle, because the Virtual Dimension could only be considered as half real and not a true world. As for a better explanation why it was so, Li Yunmu didn’t know it. In any case, after the dimensional shooting star had fallen on Earth, the land had undergone major transformations. The previously used observations and scientific knowledge could no longer explain the unfathomable deeds accomplished by the humans of the new era. Old Hou quickly dispersed the eight appraisal masters. Only then did Li Yunmu begin to take out some extra things, placing them on a tabletop. The old man had done several transactions with Li Yunmu, so he was well acquainted with his nature. He would always save the most precious for the end. If the previous seven hundred spoils of war were considered as starters, then it was now time for the main course. Sure enough, the first item taken out by Li Yunmu gave a huge fright to old Hou. “Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapon.” “Take a look.” Li Yunmu naturally knew that this was a Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapon, because these weapons emitted a multicolored light which was known by every fluxer. But as to how good such a weapon was, answering that question still required an experienced appraisal master. After all, among the Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapons, there were both good and bad, weak and strong. The name Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapon was used for all the weapons which appeared naturally within the Fifth Dimension and nothing more. The weapon which Li Yunmu had taken out was the one he had obtained from the golden crystal fluxer named Zhang Tianhang—a pair of gauntlets. Since Li Yunmu had decided to get it appraised, he naturally knew that this weapon was much more formidable compared to ordinary Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapons. The reason for it was an obvious one, because of the fifth level Arrow Evasion’s Advance Judgment, he could still sense it. Old Hou took the gauntlets into his hands and carefully observed them for a while. Then as if he was not daring to believe what he was seeing, suddenly, his entire body trembled and he raised his head to look at Yang Chen with an astonished expression. Li yunmu felt something was odd and hastily asked, “What?” “If my eyes aren’t seeing wrong, then this isn’t a Fifth Dimensional Treasure Weapon. If I didn’t make a mistake in my evaluation, then they should be a Temporal layer weapon. Allow me to look again…” This time, the old man looked for half an hour. After it, he released a long breath. “I’m hundred percent sure. This isn’t even a Temporal layer weapon but a Nirvana layer weapon, just one step away from becoming a Sage layer weapon. Are you certain you found it on the body of a golden crystal fluxer?” The old man turned silent. There was still some bastard in this world who could bestow a famous Nirvana layer treasure on a golden crystal youngster? This treasure weapon had great reputation. Even though it wasn’t a sage layer weapon, its effects actually surpassed those of ordinary sage layer weapons. It was extremely famous, having a renowned name of Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets!


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