Nightmare’s Call - Chapter 88 - Preparation

TitleNightmare’s Call – Chapter 88 – Preparation
Alternative TitleSummoner of Nightmares 召唤梦魇
Author(s)Get Lost,Gun Kai,滚开
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Nightmare’s Call – Chapter 88 – Preparation – This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just another normal day. He begins to have recurring dreams that lead him on an incredible journey of discovery as he encounters spine-chilling monsters and elusive secrets.

Chapter 88: Preparation: Part 1
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Three in the morning at Huaisha City Dockyard.

Chen Hang led a group of close aides as they walked along the docks.

They were clad in black suits, and around them were bodyguards standing ready, forming a tight security net.

Chen Hang was almost fifty. His head was bald, his body muscular, but his strength far away from his prime.

His expression was heavy, as the wrinkles on his face slowly shuddered as he walked, as he bore a sinister look on it.

The group walked to the side of the dock and boarded a medium-sized silver yacht docked by it.


The yacht roared to life and slowly turned towards the distance, kicking up a large number of waves in the process.

The wind was howling and the clouds roiled in the night sky, creating a foreboding and oppressive atmosphere.

Chen Hang stood on the bow of the yacht, squinting as he looked forward.

He could only see part of the sea from the yacht’s frontal lights, and nothing else.

But he did not mind it as his eyes were locked ahead, seemingly in a trance.

Ever since his only son was suddenly murdered, everything he had arranged collapsed like a house of cards.

And even his loyal subordinates started having other thoughts as he was not without an heir.

Even if he tried to get one now, the child would be too young, and who knew how many years it would take for him to grow up.

The variables were just too immense.

Chen Hang placed his hand behind his back and kept silent.

The sea wind grew stronger and the ship started rocking violently as the waves crashed against the hull, letting out a loud boom.

Chen Hang came back to his senses and raised his hand.

“Stand down.” Chen Hang barked.

His underlings were stunned, not understanding why Chen Hang would give such an order, but they still slowly lowered their gun and quickly formed a circle around him.

And not long after, a series of rhythmic footsteps came over.

A masked bald man in a blue robe walked out of the darkness.

The person was tall, about two meters in height, like a bamboo pole covered in an intricately decorated robe.

And what caught everyone’s attention was his eyes.

It was blood red as if it was about to explode at any given time.

“Seems like you have thought things through.” The masked man let out a hideous guttural laugh.

Chen Hang’s hand was behind him as he held a grenade that he had prepared beforehand, staring unblinkingly at the person.

“As long as you find my son’s murderer, I will cooperate with your operation in Huaisha this time!”

“Hehehe, what touching fatherly love.” The masked bald man laughed again.

“This is actually a very simple matter. But I have been wondering, why don’t you just let us kill that murderer?”

Chen Hang kept silent.

He was not a fool; if not for the fact he could find no trace of his son’s murderer, he would not have made a deal with a literal devil.

If it was just this once he could still hide it. But if he comes to rely on them a little too much, then the White Tarots would become their puppets sooner or later.

Even when he saw Chen Hang kept quiet, the masked bald man did not mind it.

“Alright. Since you have decided. Let’s begin now, or?”

“Begin now, I just need your information, and I will provide you the information you seek. After this, we don’t owe each other anything” Chen Hang said with a chilly tone.

“Sure.” The masked bald man laughed again.

He then held his hand out and pointed his almost feminine, slender fingers onto the ground.

*Hiss… Hiss… Hiss…*

At that very moment, the hull of the ship rang with the sound of crawling insects.

And soon, countless of black bugs came from every direction manically and formed into a blob on the deck before Chen Hang and his man.

The bugs were about the size of a fingernail. They were all black, with eight appendages, without any eyes alongside a saw-like mouth. There was too a semi-translucent wing on their back.

And very quickly, the bugs formed into a tiny black ball.

And the size kept expanding until it became the size of a goose egg.

The masked bald man pointed again towards the tiny ball.


The bugs quickly scattered all along the hull and back into the sea.

In a blink of an eye, there was not a trace of the bugs on the yacht anymore.

And in the location of the black ball was a faint blue ellipsoid egg.

“Take it back, and placed it on the scene of your son’s murder. Three days later, it will hatch automatically, and an Azurewing will come out of it, follow the bird, and you will find your son’s murderer.”

The masked bald man let out another cackling smile before retreating back into the darkness and disappearing.

“Don’t forget your promise… And of course, if you cannot resolve it yourself. Call my codename and we will help you…”

The last of the words came from the darkness.

Chen Hang’s face twitched as he stared at the Azurewing egg on the deck.

“Elementary Summoning of Otherworlders? Is this a special, proper summoning spell?”

Lin Sheng was excited as he quickly went through the book to the corresponding page.

On the pages, most of the details were still legible, and Lin Sheng quickly looked for the ritual matrix details and read.

“Summoning of Otherworlders, or the Summoning, is a tether. There are many rifts in this world, and these rifts will appear out of nowhere at any corner of this world. They are everywhere, yet no one knows about them.

This was because the existence of these rifts was not detectable by human senses.

They were ever-changing, disappearing and reappearing, a totally different layer from our own world: two separate worlds.

Summoning of Otherworlders is to summon a special existence that is willing to serve under one’s will through that ritual.”

After reading the abstract, Lin Sheng had a pretty good idea why this matrix did not need that many materials even though it was capable of summoning an otherworlder to fight for oneself.

“So this doesn’t require the caster to open a summoning portal, rather it summons by tethering to the rift. The difficulty between the two is pretty much heaven and earth.”

Lin Sheng was engrossed. Even though he was still not sure if this ritual matrix would work or not, but the previous rituals had all worked, so this by logic should work as well.

When he was still on Earth, he had heard of this sort of magic, to summon a being to fight for the caster.

And back then, he was very envious of it, and never thought he would have the chance to make contact with such magic.




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