Nightmare’s Call - Chapter 85 - Discovery

TitleNightmare’s Call – Chapter 85 – Discovery
Alternative TitleSummoner of Nightmares 召唤梦魇
Author(s)Get Lost,Gun Kai,滚开
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Nightmare’s Call – Chapter 85 – Discovery – This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just another normal day. He begins to have recurring dreams that lead him on an incredible journey of discovery as he encounters spine-chilling monsters and elusive secrets.

Chapter 85: Discovery: Part 1

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Sheng’s eyes widened. Before he could even react, the goons had already charged in front of him.


The first goon slashed towards his shoulder. Lin Sheng instinctively kicked out, and knocked the goon off balance and sent him toppling to the ground.

He then dodged to the left, avoiding two slashes before charging forward, focusing all of his strength onto this right shoulder.


The memory of the Sacred Shield Tyrant came to his mind.

Lin Sheng darted out and smashed away three other goons.

Faint purple markings started appearing on his forehead, and his entire body enlarged a little.


He pulled out the short sword hanging on his back, as he blocked off two slashes.


A flash of silver later, the two goons were sent staggering backwards clutching their hands.

Reflector one of the more useful defensive counterattack techniques in Blackfeather swordsmanship. Especially when the user is being surrounded.

Comparatively, Flash Riposte was much more useful one to one.

Using the experience from the memory fragments, Lin Sheng’s reflexes was not something mere goons could handle.

He charged into the crowd, and after a few shoulder blocks, he broke their formation. A few flashes of silver later, the goons were all laid low.


Lin Sheng grabbed the neck of one of the goons and held him up high against the wall.

“No… stop!” The goon was bloodied as his nose was clearly broken. His face was quickly turning green as he was starting to get asphyxiated.

“Are these all Seahawk Roland’s disciples?”

The purple markings on Lin Sheng’s forehead made him look more and more menacing.

“Too weak…”

“Too weak… mere maggots waiting to be stopped dead…”

“You bastard!” Only the tattooed man was standing. The one that had ordered the attack on Lin Sheng, was clearly riled by his words.

He clutched his fist menacingly but the sight of his goons strewn all around him regained him his senses.

“Wait till my senior brother comes! I dare you to say that again!” His expression was furious but his tone had mellowed down clearly.

“Scrubs.” Lin Sheng threw the goon in his hand aside, and the latter grunted in pain as he slammed against the ground.

“Running a fitness center when you’re that weak? Might as well close shop!”

He shook his head.

This place had totally let him down.

For him, basic rules should be observed in a simple bout, but the latter had no intention to lose with dignity.

And that, for any proper martial artist, was the utmost disgrace.

No one is born undefeatable, so if they are not willing to even lose a match, then their standards would always stay stagnant.

“Forget it, forget that I even came here. And you guys can shut your classes as well, it’s about as useful as you lot.”

Lin Sheng had totally given up on looking for Seahawk Roland.

For such a martial artist without any sportsmanship, it was pointless for him to join the Ironfist Club.

He then raised his short sword and walked towards the tattooed man.

“Wha… What are you doing!?! The man’s voice shuddered as he took a step back.


Lin Sheng shot out a roundhouse kick, and the heavy blow landed on the man’s neck. The man simply flew away with nary any resistance, and passed out as he landed.

Lin Sheng glanced at the man as he pushed the door to leave. For a moment, the only sound in the room was his trailing footsteps.

The patrons looking on did not expect things to turn out so bad. In just a mere minutes, a good number of goons armed with knives were taken out by that person.

And even the tattooed guy was no match, and fell in a single hit.

Many patrons had came to this fitness center was due to the reputation of their combat training coaches were top notch, but as they looked at the carnage, their expression may not have changed, but they were sighing deep inside.

While that person was overwhelmingly powerful, but they were still so convincingly trounced even when they were up against a single person.

Was this fitness center staffed with a bunch of weaklings that they cannot even scratch that foe?

And as expected, the moment these group of patrons left, the fitness center’s reputation in the martial arts circle would be irreparably ruined.

As Lin Sheng made his way out of the building, he turned to look at the bright signage of Karsman Fitness Center, and sneered.

“When a pure martial artist like the Deathclaw can end up in such a sorry state while a bastard like Seahawk Roland without any martial spirit can prosper, such is the world, eh?”

He looked down and walked away.

After he got back to his hotel, Lin Sheng packed his stuff up, and hailed a cab to the long distance travel station.

As the general situation was getting more and more chaotic, he had no plans to take the train any longer, and decided to hire a driver back to Huaisha City.

The trip from Ninghai City to Huaisha City took about three hours and Lin Sheng snoozed away in the car. He only arrived back in the city center around nine at night.

After arriving back, he got the driver to drop him off at Huilian district.

For this weekend, he had told his parents that he would be putting a night at his friend’s place, and as for which friend, it was Sarroux who played the role.

Sarroux’s school was not Huilian High School, but rather the more expensive Zhongdian High School. The entry requirements into that high school was tough.

Lin Zhounian was pleased that Lin Sheng could make friends at such a level in society and did not say much. Only his mother, Gu Wanqiu was a little worried.

After he snuck back home, he took a peek at his parent’s room.

There was light through the gap in the door. They were clearly not asleep yet.

Lin Sheng softened his footsteps, using the infiltration techniques from god knows who is in memories.

As he quietly gotten into the washroom to wash up, he returned to his bedroom, and changed up to rest.

“It’s almost for the final exams. I think I should keep a low profile for now. We have enough cash for the time being. I’ll let Sarroux to draw the money out, and plus our current cash flow, running Ironfist Club should not be a problem.”

Lin Sheng changed into his bedtime tracksuit and shoes as he lay on the bed and pondered.

“I really need to start being tough on the rules I’ve set earlier. Only those who are willing to abide by it will be accepted into the core of the club. And then from the core few, we can pick out those who had reached their limit and train further. Now we just have to wait for Old Man Deathclaw to reach that for things to get on track.”

He then let out a breath and slowly closed his eyes.

He had been busying himself with the matter of influence, and by chance had managed to lure Deathclaw in using the Ashen Seal.

As long as he could draw out a seal every now and then, and allow the old man to meditate, that would ensure him serving the Ironfist Club for the long term.

The Ashen Seal, if not taught properly through the sacred tomes would fade with the passing of time. And once it is forgotten, the person’s ability would return to its original state.

So Lin Sheng was not worried that Deathclaw would quit.

As for the operating needs for Ironfist Club. As they are not a gang; in order to collect protection money, they chose the method of a security company.

Lin Sheng had gotten Sarroux to hire a retired veteran to give the core members military training to enhance disciple and combat readiness.

“I suppose I can see the effect within the next few days. But if it is too tough, probably not many would stay eh?”

Lin Sheng knew that very well, but this move was to weed out the chaff and select a group of elite prospectus to stand with him.

They had taken in quite a number of poor kids, and could not afford to feed everyone. He had to choose, and choose wisely.

That aside, once Old Man Deathclaw had managed to break the limit, and reach level three, then his name would spread far and wide.

By then, he would be able to absorb many more top tier combatants into his fold.


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