Nightmare’s Call - Chapter 67 - Testing Out

TitleNightmare’s Call – Chapter 67 – Testing Out
Alternative TitleSummoner of Nightmares 召唤梦魇
Author(s)Get Lost,Gun Kai,滚开
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Nightmare’s Call – Chapter 67 – Testing Out – This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just another normal day. He begins to have recurring dreams that lead him on an incredible journey of discovery as he encounters spine-chilling monsters and elusive secrets.

Chapter 67: Testing Out: Part 1

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The soft sound of a key unlocking something rang from the door’s lock.

Lin Sheng looked around, and in his panic, he moved the tea table from the hall to barricade the door.


An unexpected odd noise rang out from the study.

Lin Sheng tensed and rushed to the study with his sword in both hands.

The window of the study was half open.

Darkness roiled outside the window, and something seemed to be seething as it rubbed against the window glass from time to time.

Lin Sheng darted over and looked out of the window.

Within the darkness, an arm-wide tentacle, which looked like a tree root, quickly slithered past the window.

The tentacle was translucent, and a mysterious silver slime flowed within it.


There was a sudden loud bang at the front door as it caved inward in a terrifying twist.


Then came the second crash.

Lin Sheng could feel the entire house shaking

He held his black sword tightly and was just about to activate the Sacred Blood to fight when…


A translucent root came flying in from the window behind him.

The root caught hold of his waist, and with overwhelming force, violently pulled him out of the window.

Just as Lin Sheng exited the window, Lin Sheng instinctively slashed at the root, but the black mist soon surged over and smothered him.


However, the black sword appeared to have slashed through something.

Lin Sheng suddenly felt light, and he fell downward.

He could not see anything in the darkness.

The black mist engulfed him as it tried to get into his nose, ears, and mouth.

Then, a faint crimson light appeared on the dazed Lin Sheng’s body.

The crimson light barely warded off the black mist’s assault, and it looked so thin like it could unravel at any time.

Lin Sheng curled up and felt that he was still falling.

He could see above him, was the house enveloped in red light were getting ever further away…

He immediately recognized that house, it was his own home. He had fallen out from there, and the house had slowly disappeared inside the black mist.

Time seemed to have lost all meaning here as Lin Sheng continued to fall.

He clutched his black sword hard. It was the only thing he could rely on now.


Suddenly, another translucent root shot out from afar as some sort of silvery slime flowed within it as it rapidly retracted towards a direction.

Without any warning, Lin Sheng was bound again by the root and dragged in a certain direction.


The wind howled in his ears.

Lin Sheng had not felt something like this before.

He was being bound tightly by the root, as he was swiftly dragged through the black mist.

This time around, he did not slash against the root. His instincts told him that if he allowed himself to simply just fall downwards, something bad will happen.

This time, Lin Sheng calmed himself down and allowed the root to drag him on.

Time slowly passed. And slowly, but surely, he felt the mist around him was brightening up, turning from black into an ethereal gray.


Suddenly, a cotton-candy like cloud came charging towards him.

The cloud seemed to be living, writhing gray body as some parts were contracting as others expanded.

By the time Lin Sheng could react, he was already about to crash into the cloud.

Just at that moment, the root that was tugging him suddenly increased its strength and changed direction, pulling him away with just inches to spare from the edge of the cloud.

At the same time, he seemed to have heard cheers coming in from the cloud, distant and unclear.

There were also voices of people speaking loudly as an odd melody accompanied it.

As he got away from the cloud, the voices weakened and disappeared.

Before he could even regain his bearings, another silver-gray cloud flew by.

This time, chilling screams and cries could be heard as a bizarre, manic howl followed.

Lin Sheng had no time to decipher what it was all about before a third cloud closed in.

It was much smaller than the first two. It had a faint golden glow to it, and was particularly eye-catching in the sea of gray clouds.

Lin Sheng was dragged by the root beneath the cloud.

And just as he got close,


A massive golden face appeared on the cloud.

The face looked impassively at Lin Sheng as a pair of golden eyes traced his movements.

Lin Sheng felt the root binding him suddenly shuddered and started loosening up.

“The f*ck!” Lin Shen quickly grabbed onto the root.

His instincts told him that if he was left here against the golden face man, there would be nothing but danger for him.

Thankfully, the golden face simply looked at him and the root before turning away and disappearing.

Lin Sheng held his black sword in one hand as he grabbed onto the root with another as his body dangled out and slamming against the root from time to time.

Clouds of various sizes and colors sped past him.

There were furious howls, cries of sorrow, or silence from the clouds, and some were slowly disintegrating and disappeared.

After flying for a while, Lin Sheng finally felt that his grip was weakening.

And suddenly, he was dazed, as his fingers let go, his entire body thrown by inertia into the air before falling downwards again.

Among the howling winds, Lin Sheng saw him breaking through clouds after clouds.


He then crashed violently against the top of a small black cloud, and bounce up like a ball a few times before rolling off the edge of the cloud.

And incidentally, another translucent root flew by underneath him.

Lin Sheng adjusted his position and timing before he struck down his with sword.


He once again landed on the surface of the root.

This root was the size of a thick thigh, enough for him to ride on it.

The root quickly flew through clouds after clouds as the gray mist around him lessened and his field of vision grew wider.

Lin Sheng lay prone on the root as he looked about.

As the cloud turn scarce, the mist got thinner as well.

A large green island appeared beneath him, with a mountain range crawling across it.

On the highest peak of the sea of trees and mountains was a clear, black stone fortress.

The fortress was dead silent, without any signs of life as vines crawled all over the outer wall.

Before Lin Sheng could even take a proper look, the root that he was on shuddered suddenly as if someone was swinging it about.

He could not react in time and was thrown into the air and directly towards the mountains.

The translucent root he had ridden on earlier flew into the distance and disappeared in the mist.


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