Nightmare’s Call - Chapter 209 - Signal

TitleNightmare’s Call – Chapter 209 – Signal
Alternative TitleSummoner of Nightmares 召唤梦魇
Author(s)Get Lost,Gun Kai,滚开
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Nightmare’s Call – Chapter 209 – Signal – This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just another normal day. He begins to have recurring dreams that lead him on an incredible journey of discovery as he encounters spine-chilling monsters and elusive secrets.

Chapter 209: Signal: Part 3

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The two exchanged numbers and returned to the city.

Lin Sheng was dropped off at the gate of his school. At the same time, he sent out the ten vault guards to start a carpet sweep of the entirety of Shermanton.

The advantage of having a summoned soldier was all of them could fly. So they had a distinct advantage when it comes to sensing things compared to the Special Forces Maier belongs to.

An hour later.

Lin Sheng received the feedback from the soldiers and tabulated the areas of the Black Clusters before calling Maier directly.

As he planned to unload all of the information about the Black Clusters onto Maier, Lin Sheng suddenly recalled the records about the Perfusion, the blackwater, the black tide and the mist.

This seemed to be interconnected. Especially the mist in the end.

Lin Sheng still recalled the all-enveloping mist when he first entered Blackfeather City.

As he took the call, Maier was astounded. He never expected the Holy Sanctum to work so fast.

“Are you sure about the locations?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Lin Sheng answered with confidence. “Oh right, I want to ask you, you know about the perfusion and the blackwater?”

“Perfusion? Blackdotter?” Maier’s tone became slightly odd. “You’ve asked the elders in the sanctum, right? The perfusion is the preliminary phenomenon before the Black Cluster. The Perfusion will happen first, and this will cause all sorts of weird things to happen, and usually, someone will die in the process.

“Then came the Black Cluster, probably the black dotter you’re talking about. But at this stage, it will quickly compress itself, but not long later, the black cluster will disappear by itself.”

“Isn’t that the Black Cluster? Once it grows it would be a puddle of black water, no?” Maier smiled. “Alright, since you have found all of them, I’ll need to send someone over. Your payment will be paid later.”


The line was cut.

Lin Sheng stood by the school gate and did not say anything for a while as he recalled one of the books that were lying on that underground chamber inside the Blackfeather City’s Warrior’s Guild.

That made him frustrated.

“My lord, if you are not happy, you can look at Khadula and be happy~~”

Khadula had appeared out of nowhere and walked towards him as he chirpily said that.

As a sub-spiritual existence, after getting used to the memories and the information about this word, he was more and more like a normal person.

“I have no interest in role-playing with myself,” Lin Sheng said flatly as he looked at him.

“Everyone speaks to themselves when they think no? Argue against themselves no? We have but only materialize that process.” Khadula smiled.

“You’re right,” Lin Sheng replied. “But I don’t want to waste my breath with a guy.”

“Is that so? I understand…” Khadula did not seem to mind if he pissed Lin Sheng off at all.

One need to know that if Lin Sheng’s piss, he would assume direct control of his body.

He cheerfully turned around and left, before disappearing within an alleyway.

Lin Sheng did not mind that. He was now actively trying to nurture these elite’s sense of self, especially when he was critically short of people that he could trust.

If he wants to train generals that he could fully trust, he would need to train them for a good while, plus a little bit of luck.

For his summoned soldiers, though, it was a different ballgame altogether. Their spirits were pieces from Lin Sheng’s own, and simply put, they were part of Lin Sheng’s soul.

Due to the different memories however, and with their bodies affecting their spirit, distinct personalities were formed.

Just like how cells slowly turned into organs. When all of them were put together, then Lin Sheng was at his most complete form.

As he looked at Khadula’s disappearing visage, Lin Sheng turned back to school and attended class.


Maier called once again to thank Lin Sheng and had also mentioned that the payment had already been wired to Lin Sheng’s bank account, and asked him to bring his bank Pin with him to take the money.

As he attended a whole afternoon of class, Lin Sheng had meditated throughout the whole afternoon as well. Unfortunately, his sacred power did not grow much, and was almost no different than a few days ago.

No matter what he did, be it using the harp, or to meditate on the Ashen Seal, his progress was totally blocked off by the Steel Lord’s resolute spirit.

This was not something he had encountered before.

He was still rather frustrated as he left the school and started strolling around the evening street.

He did run into his sister Lin Xiao who was out looking for food. She was with two other female friends as they stood outside a bubble tea shop chatting.

“Big sis has been losing a lot of weight lately, but seeing her leg heal is great,” a clear, cheery voice rang next to Lin Sheng.

He did not need to look to know who it was.

“Nice timing, I have something to ask you. While both our memories are the same, I hope that you could help me think of a problem using your memories and point of view.” Khadula could sense the seriousness in Lin Sheng and quickly answered.


Lin Sheng turned over and looked at Khadula.

“Am I pretty?” Khadula gently spun her skirt.

Her long legs, clad in white stockings were impeccable, the curvature gorgeous. She had a thin waist, thick lips with a white long hair, an ample chest size, and an innocent seductiveness to her.

This was her now.

If not for their soul link, and that familiar, delicate face, Lin Sheng could have sworn he had mistaken her for someone else.

“My lord, you got aroused,” Khadula said cheerily.

“No, I did not.”

“Don’t deny it, we are one. I could sense that.” Khadula mercilessly pried open Lin Sheng’s façade.

Lin Sheng stared at her impassively.

“Do you like it? I’m a pure innocent maiden now~~” Khadula had clearly used some effort on the changes to her body, and let out a cheeky smile.

“So what you need me to do.” She walked to Lin Sheng and grabbed his hand. “Honey? Dear? Teacher? Brother? Or… Master?”

She gently pressed her chest onto Lin Sheng’s arm, a seductive glint glowed in her eye.

“Where the hell did you learn all of this?” Lin Sheng’s head hurt.

“Eh? Master, you don’t like this? Or are you into uniforms?” Khadula asked with wide-open eyes.

“Or are you saying that you don’t like innocent, young ones, and prefer someone more matured?” she asked. “Like brother? Daddy? Grandpa?”

Lin Sheng had no answer and simply walked away.

“But I could sense that I’m better received in this form… Weird, back in my time, the appearance of a boy was much more popular…” Khadula muttered to herself.

Lin Sheng walked in front and she followed behind. The difference in their height was really jarring. Khadula was barely at Lin Sheng’s waist, but yet her looks were delicate and beautiful, her face innocent and unblemished. With her white lace skirt, thin waist and thick lips, plus her supple, smooth skin had many a passerby turn back.

Most people would not be so open when they see a pretty lady, and most would simply pretend to look sideways before catching a few more glances when the person was not noticing.

A few would simply pretend to look over in the general direction, or quickly walk pass, but they still stole some glances at Khadula.

Lin Sheng noticed that the reaction of quite a number of middle-aged men was rather extreme, and it seems like Khadula’s get up was particularly effective against men that age.

However, Lin Sheng had no intention to observe that, his only goal was to quickly absorb the soul of the Steel Lord.

“I want to know the answer to this question.”

He passed on his question to Khadula. The two bodies shared the same soul and thoughts.

Khadula immediately understood what Lin Sheng wanted to ask.

“Back then, my greatest wish was to escape the vault, and to bask in the light again. So master, when you summoned me, you had accomplished my wish and compulsion,” she answered.

“Is that so?” Lin Sheng frowned. “Then what is the Steel Lord’s wish?”

“I guess is the opportunity to redo things once more. ” Khadula smiled.

“To redo things once more?”

“That old coot is probably wracked by guilt. He surely wants to try to redeem everything, redeem all of his failures,” Khadula continued. “So we just need to set up something similar to last time.”

“Redemption, huh?”


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