Chapter 877: Armed Cannon Fodder

TitleChapter 877: Armed Cannon Fodder
Alternative Title网游之逆天戒指, The Ring That Defies The Heavens
Author(s)Primodial Saint,上古圣贤
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Sci-fi,Supernatural
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 877: Armed Cannon Fodder – Average means nothing to our young protagonist! Why be normal when you have the chance to become a real life superman! Follow Jiang Fei as he discovers a mysterious ring that allowed him to play a Hyper Realistic Immersive MMORPG call Dawn Break! As the thin line between game and reality is gradually blurred, Jiang Fei finds himself having to deal with the troubles that follow him everywhere he goes. This is a story revolving around a real-life cheat code! From zero to hero, follow Jiang Fei as his fascinating adventures unfold!.

Chapter 877: Armed Cannon Fodder

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What’s wrong?” Grandmother Jinghua immediately noticed the change in Jiang Fei’s face.

“This might be a trap.” Jiang Fei frowned.

“What did you find?” Bai Wanli who was at the side came to him.

“The people chasing Soaring Cloud Sect are just the Mutants’ bait. The real enemy is hiding behind them!” Jiang Fei said.

“There are enemies?” Bai Wanli was shocked.

“Yeah! The Mutants might be doing this on purpose. They’re driving the people of Soaring Cloud Sect here deliberately, in order to attract us to go there and rescue them. Their real target is us!” Jiang Fei said.

“There are other enemies?” Bai Wanli and the others were shocked.

“Captain, I’ve discovered a large number of Mutants fifty kilometers away!” 0541 who had expanded the search range sent back the latest information.

During that time, large units of Mutants were all on standby on the American fleet’s military transport plane. As long as the Scarlet Hunters started fighting with the martial artists, these Mutants would be able to arrive on the battlefield in just two minutes!

“What do we do then?” Grandmother Jinghua asked.

“Well…” Jiang Fei hesitated. The Mutants had forced them into a corner. If Jiang Fei and the others went to rescue Soaring Cloud Sect, they would break into the encirclement of the Mutants. However, if Jiang Fei and the others sat back and ignored them, the Scarlet Hunters would immediately kill the entire Soaring Cloud Sect, and then attack Jiang Fei and the others!

If they lost such a powerful force like Soaring Cloud Sect, the strength of the martial artists would undoubtedly weaken greatly. Then, if they were chased by the Mutants’ army joined by thirty other Scarlet Hunters, it was likely that the martial artists would be completely destroyed!

“This is tough…” Jiang Fei’s brows furrowed even more. Although he was accompanied by thirty Bio-Human girls, these girls were only advanced Level 4. Hong Yu was the only pinnacle Level 4. On the other hand, all the enemy Scarlet Hunters were pinnacle Level 4. The gap between both sides was extremely obvious!

“Captain, I suggest you arm the Androids!” 0541 said in Jiang Fei’s heart.

“Ah?” Jiang Fei was confused.

“Captain, did you forget? Previously, you recovered a lot of individual military weapons. These weapons are not being used at all now. Isn’t it better if you hand them over to these Androids? This way, you can greatly enhance their combat power!” 0541 said.

“Yes! Right! You’re right!” Hearing what 0541 said, Jiang Fei suddenly remembered that he had secretly robbed the Zhang family’s arsenal and had taken away all the planet Namek weapons that the Zhang family had been researching on. After Jiang Fei’s strength soared, he rarely used these weapons. Now, they could be used to arm these Androids.

The military’s two batches of Androids actually had pretty high combat power. It was just that the nuclear battery packs that they were equipped with were too problematic. These Androids would run out of energy after firing their two Plasma Wave Cannons several times, turning them into scrap metal.

However, if they used the energy cannons provided by Jiang Fei, these robots did not need to consume their own energy to attack. Hence, their combat power would naturally increase!

“Let’s do it!” Jiang Fei decided. He had originally planned to use these Androids as cannon fodders. However, if these robots could be of some use, Jiang Fei would be glad.

“Fully charge all the planet Namek individual military weapons!” To arm these cannon fodders, Jiang Fei paid a high price. It cost him ten energy blocks to fully charge all of the planet Namek weapons.

“They have been recharged!” Soon, 0541 completed the recharging of these individual weapons.

“But how do we take the weapons out?” Jiang Fei had another problem. Although he intended to arm these Androids, he did not want to expose the mysterious ring’s Spatial function. If he did, people might discover more of his secrets!

“Got it!” Jiang Fei suddenly had an idea. He arrived near the fake planet Namek Bio-Experimental Laboratory in a few steps.

Jiang Fei pressed his hand on the door of the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. Then, with the mysterious ring’s Spatial Manipulation skill, he directly threw the weapons through the door.

“Younger brother Jiang, what are you doing?” As Jiang Fei suddenly ran to the side of the silvery-white metal structure, Bai Wanli and the others asked in confusion. At the same time, Z8-001 also turned to look at Jiang Fei.

“The enemies are too strong. We might suffer huge losses if we go in head-on. Since this thing is a treasure of the aliens, do you think there’ll be something useful inside?” Jiang Fei said as he kicked the metal door with force.


His Thunder Gale Kick Technique that had been enhanced with Origin Force directly caused a dent on the metal door. Although Jiang Fei could easily open the door, there were too many people around. It would be difficult to explain how he opened the door of an extraterrestrial wreckage so easily as if it were the door of his own house. So, Jiang Fei could only force it open.

“Attention! Your behavior has not been authorized!” Z8-001 immediately came to block Jiang Fei. His task was to protect the alien property. Breaking into this alien property was not a last resort, so he definitely could not watch Jiang Fei destroy this treasure.

“Cut the nonsense!” Jiang Fei ignored the Android and kicked the door again.


A gap appeared in the severely deformed door!

“Attention! Stop your actions immediately, or you will be attacked!” Z8-001 warned again.

“Okay! Okay! Okay! No more kicking!” Jiang Fei smiled, then walked to the front of the door and clasped the gap with both his hands. Then, he pulled the gap with force.


Following a loud noise, Jiang Fei yanked the entire metal door out!

“Final warning! Stop your destructive actions immediately, or you will be attacked!” Z8-001 meant it this time. He had retracted his right hand, revealing a dark muzzle!

“Wow! What’s this?!” Jiang Fei acted like he was surprised. In actuality, what he saw was the planet Namek individual weapons that he had just thrown in.

“Identifying weapon codes…” Z8-001 immediately responded to these weapons.

The technology to create the Androids originally came from the planet Namek game machine that Han Tianyu had gotten his hands on. So, the planet Namek individual weapons were naturally included in their database.

It could even be said that these individual weapons were the exclusive equipment of these Androids. Although artificial intelligence creations were prohibited from touching weapons from planet Namek, there were not that many rules in the game. Robot warfare was always the hottest game.

“Since they’re weapons, what are you hesitating for? Hurry up and equip them! Can’t you see that the enemies are coming?” Jiang Fei tried his best to urge them. He spent so much effort just so he could make these Androids take the weapons and proceed to become cannon fodder on the battlefield.


A red light flashed through Z8-001’s eyes. This time, he did not ask for authorization from Qin Tian who was far away in China. Instead, he made his own decision!

“Z8 Special Task Force, immediately equip the new weapons!” Z8-001 issued an order.


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