Chapter 83: Summoning the Underworld Raven

TitleChapter 83: Summoning the Underworld Raven
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 83: Summoning the Underworld Raven – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

With its intelligence upgraded to the second layer, the system had become much more quick-witted. But that was not the crucial thing. The most important fact was that Li Yunmu now received proper information from the system about opening the seal. If it required ability or experience points, then it could be done. But how much was a large amount? A bitter smile made its way to Li Yunmu’s face. He felt himself lacking more and more ability points. Admiralty Cover, Copper Body, Wind God Tornado Kick, Aurora Justice Killing, these were endless pits which never seemed to get full regardless of how many ability points he threw inside! In that case, how much would be required to unseal this sage weapon? Although this was a long ranged weapon, Li Yunmu aspired to become a War God, who is proficient in using everything. So naturally, he couldn’t just walk a single path. Especially for long-ranged weapons. If he had this sage bow’s help, then taking down the king’s stronghold wouldn’t have been so tedious that time. “How many ability points are required? Give me a specific number. You can tell me, I have already readied my heart.” Li Yunmu took a deep breath and asked. Following which, the system relayed the information about the seal in his mind. Presently, this Underworld Raven sage bow has three major seal layers. The first major seal layer is the Fifth Dimensional Seal. This layer of the seal was the easiest to open and was comprised of 333 minor layers. Opening each of these minor layers would require 1,000 ability points so 333 minor layers would require 333,000 ability points. No wonder the system used the words ‘large amount’ to describe the number of ability points required. Just the first major seal layer required more than 100,000 ability points. As for the second major layer, it was the Sixth Dimensional Seal which was comprised of 33 minor layers. The cost of opening each minor layer was 100,000 ability points so opening 33 layers would require 3,300,000 ability points. The final major layer was the Seventh Dimensional Seal which only had 3 minor layers. But the cost of unsealing each minor layer was 10,000,000. The unsealing of the battle bow would require more than 33,000,000 ability points. Calculating this amount, Li Yunmu took a deep breath. This was an enormous amount. So this was just considered a ‘large amount’ to the system? This was an astronomical amount, not just large. Thirty-three million ability points? Li Yunmu didn’t even dare to imagine that number. But would this battle bow be f*cking worth it!? It was completely worth it. That was because this was a legendary sage weapon. It was absolutely worth it. It must be known that whenever such a sage weapon was born somewhere in the world, the whole world would be startled by its birth. Sage weapons were the supreme existences in this world. Not every flux sage has the opportunity to possess a sage weapon. However, every flux sage that has a sage weapon was a supreme existence who could control the fate of the Central Continent. Furthermore, Li Yunmu also learned from the system that as each major seal layer was removed from the Underworld Raven sage bow, it would reveal a formidable ability. The formidable characteristic ability after the removal of the first major layer was that it could use blood to attract an Underworld Raven. When Li Yunmu used this sage bow to shoot at an enemy, if the arrow draws blood from the enemy, then the power of enemy’s blood essence would be used to summon an underworld raven from the true Fifth Dimension. This underworld raven would be under the control of the sage bow and would follow the commands of the master of the sage bow. Although this explanation would make anyone think that this unique characteristic ability of the sage bow wasn’t that formidable as many A Grade weapons also has a similar ability, that was because you have only heard the first ability and don’t know about the second one yet. The second unique ability left Li Yunmu completely stunned. Of the 333 minor layers in the first major layers, as long as he opens one minor layer, it would summon an underworld raven. If he opens the second layer, it would summon a second underworld raven. When all 333 layers were open, a total of 333 underworld ravens would be summoned. Li Yunmu didn’t have a clear understanding of the underworld ravens and didn’t know how powerful these Fifth Dimensional beings were. However, hearing this number, his blood started to boil with excitement. This was a sage weapon originating from the Seventh Dimension? It really was terrifying. With this bow, just by using the property of using blood to attract an underworld raven, he would probably surpass all the range attackers at the same level as him. However, did you think this was the only special property of this bow? The answer was no, there was still more….. The other property was sealed by the two other major layer of seals. If he could open the second major layer, then it would summon the ancestor of the underworld raven clan from the Sixth Dimension. Also known as the underworld raven ancestor. With the opening of each layer, the bow would summon an underworld raven ancestor, up to a total of 33 underworld raven ancestors. But this was still not all of its special abilities. If he could open the third major layer, then it would be same as the previous two layers. But this time, it would summon an underworld raven god from the true Seventh Dimension. By opening all three minor layers, it would allow Li Yunmu to summon three underworld raven gods. After learning all this, Li Yunmu was completely convinced that this variegated old battle bow was very terrifying. And he had found such a world-shaking sage weapon in the Treasure Palace of his little Lucky Wind City. The most important thing here was that no one could see its true value after so long. This made Li Yunmu remember an ancient proverb from the dark ages: although it appears as mountain range from one side, from other it looks completely different; thus people don’t know the true face Luochen Mountain and only think what they see is true. If it had not come up in the system’s scan, then perhaps this battle bow would have remained in the treasure palace biting the dust. But now? Li Yunmu tightly gripped the bow. This was an absolutely a terrifying sage weapon which he could use to suppress the whole world. With this bow, perhaps he could hunt even more terrifying monsters. He quickly opened the book about monsters given Liu Noujie. Soon, he found the underworld raven in the index of beings from the true Fifth Dimension. Underworld Raven: A Fifth Dimensional black crystal grade monster which could nimbly switch between material and energy form. Material underworld raven is extremely savage and has an extremely fast speed. It has extremely sharp black claws and black feathers which were as sturdy as black iron. This monster could easily see anything within a ten-mile radius and goes crazy after seeing blood. Its favorite food was the blood essence of formidable beings, which increases its battle prowess as well as strength! If there is a group that contains more than seven underworld ravens, then silver crystal fluxers would not be their match. If they move in large groups, then gold crystal fluxers must stay away. If they number more than a hundred, even a rainbow crystal fluxer must run away as soon as he notices them. Warning: Underworld ravens must never be allowed to see blood. … There was no further information about higher level underworld ravens. The strength of a single underworld raven wasn’t much, but if their group contains seven underworld ravens, then they could be considered somewhat powerful. However, if they form a large group, even golden crystal fluxers would have to run for their lives. If they don’t run, then death was the only possible option waiting for them. Seven ravens formed a small group while thirty-five could be considered as a large group. Only thirty-five underworld ravens were required to kill a golden crystal fluxer whose was two levels higher than them? It was difficult for Li Yunmu to even imagine facing a group of more than a hundred underworld ravens. Even the pinnacle grade experts allowed in the Fifth Dimension would be forced to withdraw. The beings of the genuine Fifth Dimension were incomparably savage. Furthermore, Li Yunmu was unable to discover any information about the energy form of the underworld raven in the book of monsters. Seemingly, the most crucial information wasn’t written in the book. The information written here wasn’t that descriptive. After some time, Li Yunmu searched the book again for information on the underworld raven ancestor. But this time, the book had even lesser information about these Sixth Dimensional beings, the underworld raven ancestors. Basically, only a few pictures together with an unclear description of their strength was shown. There was nothing else about them. As for the Seventh Dimensional underworld raven god, it only had a vague description of its strength. There were no pictures of it. After seeing this, Li Yunmu closed the book and didn’t waste much time in commanding the system: “System, start removing the seals. Use all my remaining 4,600 ability points to remove as many as you can.” [Congratulations. The host has used up 4,000 ability points and opened the first four minor seals.]


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