Chapter 600: His Sexual Prowess

TitleChapter 600: His Sexual Prowess
Alternative Title Billion of Pampering Only For You, 亿万盛宠只为你
Genre(s)Drama,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 600: His Sexual Prowess – They are childhood sweethearts, they are engaged under the family’s scheme, and they have to live in the same room and sleep together. That night, she was accidentally drunk, and he kissed her in a fascinating mood,. By accident, his “crime” was finally discovered, she accused him, but he said with a smile, “You are my wife, why can’t I kiss you?” The two people’s daily routine is full of bickering, mutual hate. He said that he disliked her. Actually, In his heart, he was extremely caring of her. When she was close to other boys, he was so jealous that he wants to tie her to his side and become exclusively his.

Chapter 600: His Sexual Prowess Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “Okay… I get it now.” “Good girl.” Yin Shaojie guided her to the sea aquarium. “Let’s go. Didn’t you want to look at the penguins? What else do you want to do? I’ll accompany you.” After having enough fun and becoming tired, we’ll do that at night! Heheheh! Mu Xiaoxiao was pulled around by him. However, the gears in her head still turned as though she still wasn’t going to give up finding excuses. The pair had fun till evening. Originally, if Yin Shaojie hadn’t arranged plans for the night, he would have wanted to accompany Xiaoxiao to watch the parade and fireworks, as the amusement park at night had exciting attractions as well. However, it was alright. They could do those another day. Yin Shaojie drove Mu Xiaoxiao out of the amusement park to a high-end Japanese restaurant. This restaurant’s decor was superb, and it made one feel as though there had been transported to Japan. They sat on tatami mats. Outside, there was a bamboo water fountain. When the bamboo was filled with water, it dropped down and knocked against the stone pleasantly. Mu Xiaoxiao had been gazing at the scenery outside. It was now sunset and orange-gold light dyed the night horizon, painting a really beautiful picture of the sky. “This is so pretty and comfortable…” She cupped her chin with her hands and sighed deeply. The evening breeze seeped in from the wooden door and caressed her face. It was cool and comfortable. The Japanese cuisine they had ordered was delivered to them swiftly. Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the table full of food, and her appetite instantly roared. Yin Shaojie put some noodles into a small bowl and placed it in front of her. “Have some noodle and soup first.” “Okay.” Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head. She took her bowl and started to eat from it, but her dark eyes were scanning the table, looking like a fine example of eyeing the pot while still eating from the bowl. Yin Shaojie chuckled as he picked up a piece of salmon. Mu Xiaoxiao looked in the direction of his chopsticks and happened to see… fresh oysters beside it. She was stunned and couldn’t help but recall what oysters did to men. Noticing that weird look on her face, Yin Shaojie looked in the direction of her gaze. Seeing the oysters, he immediately understood what this girl was thinking about in that little brain of hers. He waved his chopsticks in front of her and cut through her vision. “Did you think I ordered that deliberately?” Mu Xiaoxiao harrumphed, “What else can it be? Did the restaurant gift this to us then?” Yin Shaojie cocked a brow and said frankly, “Do you really think I need this?” Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless. Her little face had a dust of pink on it, and she said a little awkwardly, “H-How am I supposed to know whether you need it or not!” “You’ll know tonight,” Yin Shaojie said. Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless. Why did she feel as though she had dug a hold for herself and jumped into it? She said hurriedly, “I wasn’t trying to question… your prowess in that area! You were the one who ordered these dishes, and I-I only happened to see it. Is that my fault?” Yin Shaojie explained, “They were in the meal set. I didn’t order them specially.” “How was I supposed to know!” Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t want to bother with him anymore, for there was no point in continuing their argument. Thus, she lowered her head and continued to eat her noodles, deciding not to reply to this conversation anymore. However, Yin Shaojie maintained his silence. It was only after Mu Xiaoxiao finished her noodles and lifted her head that she noticed him frowning with a weird expression as he looked outside. Subconsciously, she asked, “What’s wrong? Is there someone outside?” She looked out as well.


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