Chapter 577: Snow Elf

TitleChapter 577: Snow Elf
Alternative Title网游之逆天戒指, The Ring That Defies The Heavens
Author(s)Primodial Saint,上古圣贤
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Sci-fi,Supernatural
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 577: Snow Elf – Average means nothing to our young protagonist! Why be normal when you have the chance to become a real life superman! Follow Jiang Fei as he discovers a mysterious ring that allowed him to play a Hyper Realistic Immersive MMORPG call Dawn Break! As the thin line between game and reality is gradually blurred, Jiang Fei finds himself having to deal with the troubles that follow him everywhere he goes. This is a story revolving around a real-life cheat code! From zero to hero, follow Jiang Fei as his fascinating adventures unfold!.

Chapter 577: Snow Elf

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiang Fei was going mad at the sight of green names. The males were fine. All they did was look up at Jiang Fei from a distance, leaving him alone.. The females, on the other hand, were all sprinting toward him!

There was a limitation to the Love Contract. If a female NPC was married to another NPC, their Reputation can never reach Infatuated. That being said, marriage was not a concept amongst the Yeti.

No matter who they were, Jiang Fei cringed at the sight of white furs coming to him.

“Kyaaa! Verdure Glider! You’re so handsome! My lord! My love!”

“O Great Verdure Glider, please hold me! I’d only wish for you to stay by my side forever!”

Jiang Fei was able to understand what they said instead of the “hu hu ha ha” sound that they usually made. The NPCs then were all just normal NPCs. They were not the same as Nina or Hua Mulan that were programmed with higher intelligence. Once they reached Infatuated level of Reputation, they would behave in the most unworldly behavior that completely was not how a fangirl was to an idol.

“Pfft! H-How… pffft. How dare you flirt with the… hahahaha… girls!” said Isabella as she struggled to hold back her laughter, albeit failing terribly at doing so. Like bread being devoured by ducks in a pond, Jiang Fei’s arms and limbs were being held by female Yetis surrounding him from all directions. This time, although he was surrounded by females, Isabella was not jealous. In fact, she was laughing at his misery! At least she knew that Jiang Fei had zero interests in the female Yetis.

“Uhuhuhu… Please save me…” said Jiang Fei at the verge of crying. The system had basically removed the restraints of moral behavior to a certain extent. Jiang Fei could not do anything against them! Worse, they were all allies as Jiang Fei’s punches and kicks did not affect them at all! Even though his basic strength was extremely high, he could never compete with the 2-meter-tall Yetis!

“Haha! Serves you right! Hahaha! Drawing in the girls as you had always wished for!” said Isabella as she continued to laugh.

“Come on! Don’t be like that! Help me a bit here!” said Jiang Fei. The Yetis were not smart. No matter how Jiang Fei tried to push the females away, they would not listen to him. They were all slaves to the programming that was built into them.

“Lookie here, the Handsome and the Beast! Hahahaha!” Isabella laughed harder.


After he was able to push himself away from the crowd of infatuated girls, jiang Fei ran a few meters away to get a breathing room before roaring out, “As your king! I demand all of you to stay still!”

As soon as his words left his mouth, all Yetis, including the ones that were far away, minding their own business, stood still.

“Thank god it worked…” cried Jiang Fei as he sat down on the snow, panting breathlessly .

“Whoever designed this quest must be a f*cking pervert! You just wait, if I get my hands on whoever designed this quest, I’ll put you in a cage with a female gorilla and feed her with all the aphrodisiac I can find!”

After a good rest, Jiang Fei got back to his feet and noticed that there was something glowing at the fallen Yeti King’s corpse.

“Huh? An item? I thought all quest bosses would not drop anything,” said Jiang Fei. He came up to the boss’s corpse and picked something up.

Magic Mutation Device (Magic Tool, Epic)

Use: Immediately induces a mutation in a living being.

Note: The product of the Black Magician Grimm.

“What the hell is this?”

Jiang Fei examined the little box thoroughly. Although he could not figure out what it was or how it worked, it was the product of Grimm. It was best to keep it for a while.

As soon as Jiang Fei kept it in his inventory slot, a faint greenish mist came out of every Yeti there were then.

Being in a player’s inventory slot was like being in a separate dimension. Hence, when Jiang Fei kept it, the effect on what the Magic Mutation Device had triggered was removed.

The first thing that he saw was the green mist coming out of the dead Yeti King’s body. After a while, the mist dispersed, revealing a man. A completely handsome normal man with a face at its normal position, arms and legs where it should be, and hairless, as a normal human should be. The only difference between the now dead man and a human was the ears. He had pointy ears, just like an Elf would.

“Eh? Could it be-”

Jiang Fei turned around saw the same thing that happened to the Yeti King happening to all the Yetis. All of them had returned to their original bodies. The long white fur was shed and their heads returned to their normal position.

It would seem obvious now that what Grimm had created had brought misery to the elves that were living in the Snow Mountain. They had lost their original form and became a plaything to the Black Magician.

“Hmph! Look what you’ve done,” said Isabella, disgruntledly.

After the removal of the Magic Mutation Device, all the monstrous looking female Yeti changed into a foxy, sexy, bodalicious babes!

“I can’t believe it! My head is… My head is… MY HEAD IS WHERE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE!”

“I’m not hairy anymore! I can speak properly now!”

“Oh my hands… Oh my lovely little hands! How I miss you so!”

Happy cheers were heard from all the way to the “Yeti” village. Everyone had completely forgotten their king’s order to stay still and came toward him to kneel at him to show their appreciation.

Jiang Fei calmed everyone and asked a few questions to understand what had taken place.

They were originally called the Snow Elves. The Yeti King was originally the small elf tribe’s leader. However, after Grimm had shown himself to the king and enticed him with power, Grimm used the chance to experiment with him and as to how it came to be, the tribe leader became the huge Yeti King.

Alas, Grimm did not stop there. Grimm took the chance and controlled the Yeti King and planted the Magic Mutation Device inside him. Eventually, the effect spread out like wildfire and every elf that was in the small settlement became a Yeti. Once in a while, Grimm would return to the tribe to take one or two Yetis back for experiments. Hence, the Yetis were constantly living in fear.

Right now, not only had Jiang Fei defeated the Yeti King, he had also chased Grimm away and reverted the Yetis to Snow Elves. Lest mention the females, even the men were extremely grateful for having their original bodies back.

“Looks like its a good happy ending! I like this,” said Jiang Fei. Even though things had completely turned out differently from what he had expected, at least everyone got to live on with their lives happily.

“No! It’s not a happy ending!” cried Isabella with her arms crossed. She was being her usual self again.

The reason was really simple. Previously, when the Yetis were surrounding Jiang Fei, Isabella did not expect them to turn out to be beautiful girls! Now that they had returned to their original forms, Isabella viewed them as potential new partners for Jiang Fei.

All was good. The Elves got their bodies back, the Black Magician was chased away, Jiang Fei became king, and Isabella got jealous again.


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