Chapter 547: Do You Want Me Dead?

TitleChapter 547: Do You Want Me Dead?
Alternative Title网游之逆天戒指, The Ring That Defies The Heavens
Author(s)Primodial Saint,上古圣贤
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Sci-fi,Supernatural
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 547: Do You Want Me Dead? – Average means nothing to our young protagonist! Why be normal when you have the chance to become a real life superman! Follow Jiang Fei as he discovers a mysterious ring that allowed him to play a Hyper Realistic Immersive MMORPG call Dawn Break! As the thin line between game and reality is gradually blurred, Jiang Fei finds himself having to deal with the troubles that follow him everywhere he goes. This is a story revolving around a real-life cheat code! From zero to hero, follow Jiang Fei as his fascinating adventures unfold!.

Chapter 547: Do You Want Me Dead?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The Casanova Dragon?” Jiang Fei was absolutely confused by the conversation.

“Let me explain!” Isabella whispered into Jiang Fei’s ears and started explaining through her blushed cheeks.

“I see…” When Jiang Fei looked at the giant golden dragon again, there was a look of admiration in his eyes.

Bennette Straz was a famed individual in Dawnlight’s world. Anyone who had a daughter in the family would use him to teach their daughters an important lesson: Protect yourself against fire, theft, and giant dragons!

Jiang Fei was already familiar with the behaviors of Nagas. The entire Naga race was full of greed and lust. Moreover, the dragons did not care about race and would try to woo any female from other races.

Most dragons from the Naga race were pretty straightforward. They would kidnap women and go to bed with them but would not even admit they did it afterwards. However, this dragon was different from the rest. He was an odd dragon among his kind. Not only did he want women’s bodies, he wanted their hearts too.

The dragon was very successful in his romantic endeavors. Countless women from other races were successfully wooed by him. One might think most of the dragons’ behavior of forcing themselves upon women was hateful. After all, most smaller races would not mind having the Naga bloodline in their race. Even the women’s husband would have to turned a blind eye over such incidents.

However, this dragon was different. He would directly win over the women’s hearts. What could the people of the women race do? Therefore, during the advertising phase, most of the blame on the Naga race’s lustful behavior were shifted to Bennette Straz.

It would not have mattered much if only the smaller races were involved. However, this dragon eventually moved on to the five biggest races. The most classic case was when he wooed the Moon God over. The Protosses were instantly enraged. The Divine Light God himself even brought over a huge army to rally in front of the Nagas.

In the end, the pair were split up. Since then, Bennette Straz disappeared and never came back. If not for the Divine Light God’s strict personality, the Moon God’s son might have even overpowered him.

Jiang Fei did not expect to meet the dragon here today. He finally understood why Isabella was so scared and even ran into his arms.

“Young girl, don’t be afraid. I would definitely not touch any of our race’s younger females. Moreover, I would never force myself upon ladies!” The giant golden dragon rolled his eyes at Isabella.

As Isabella had only become part of the Naga race because of the Black Dragon Prince, she was akin to one of Bennette Straz’s offspring. Although the giant dragons were lustful, they were still an intelligent race and would not commit incest.

“What an expert! He even wooed the Moon God,” Jiang Fei said respectfully.

“Tsk! Now you know why Sylphy fell for you so easily. The Moon God’s disciples all share the same tradition,” Isabella chipped in with a soft voice.

“There is no relation between the two, alright?” Jiang Fei tapped on Isabella’s small nose lightly. Sylphy had fallen for Jiang Fei because of the Heartfelt’s effect. It had nothing to do with the Moon God.

“Hey! Young man, I did not notice that you are also someone like me!” Bennette Straz looked at Jiang Fei and laughed as he was able to sense that Jiang Fei had four Love Contracts.

“Ehh… Hehe…” Jiang Fei was unsure of how to respond. However, he had not intentionally wanted to woo so many chicks.

“Four Love Contracts. Not bad. I only managed to get five of those when I was your age. Young fellow, you are doing pretty well! You share similar accomplishments as I did when I was your age!” Bennette Straz complimented Jiang Fei.

“D*mn…” Jiang Fei suddenly felt his heart beat faster. If this dragon already had five women Infatuated with him when he was Jiang Fei’s age, how many women must he have wooed over now that he was more than 3,000 years old?

Jiang Fei could finally understand why parents from each race would always ask their daughters to be wary of giant dragons. This dragon went to the extreme with stealing chicks away from their families. Even the volume was a bit too shocking for Jiang Fei.

“After so many years, someone has finally followed in my footsteps. Young man, I am rooting for you!” Bennette Straz said as he pointed at Jiang Fei with his dragon claw.

Ding! You have received the Blessing of the Dragon God!

“Screw me! Dragon God?!” Jiang Fei did not even have time to check the Attributes of the blessing. He was instantly taken by surprise once again.

“Shh… I have assumed the position of the Dragon God 1,000 years ago. Please keep this a secret for me and do not spread the news out there. Otherwise, it would be difficult for me to woo chicks!” Bennette Straz said to Jiang Fei in a soft voice.

“Holy sh*t… Even someone like him can become the Dragon God…” Jiang Fei rolled his eyes as he checked his Attributes.

Blessing of the Dragon God: Increase your rate of obtaining Reputation from females by 200%. When a female is within five meters, you will instantly obtain 5,000 Reputation points from the individual. This effect only works once on each female.

“Holy sh*t… This isn’t the Blessing of the Dragon God. It should be called the Blessing of the Lust God!” Jiang Fei felt utterly exhausted.

“Hahahaha, young fellow, you are only just starting out. As your senior, I must encourage you further!” The Dragon God was clearly rooting for Jiang Fei who was now his “comrade”.

Ding! The Dragon God has forcefully given you an encouragement quest: Move forward, young man! The quest has been accepted!

Quest Name: Move forward, young man!

Quest Objective: Achieve Infatuated state with 10,000 females!

Quest Reward: 10,000,000,000 Experience points, 1,000,000 gold coins, 5,000 Naga Reputation points, mysterious equipment.

Remark 1: During the quest period, your rate of obtaining female Reputation points is increased by 100%!

Remark 2: This quest cannot be forfeited!

“D*mn! Do you want me dead?” Jiang Fei felt like banging his head against the wall.

“Hahaha… Young fellow, there is no need to thank me. As your senior, I should be doing all this!” Bennette Straz laughed happily.

“Hehe, I thank you and all eighteen generations before you!” Jiang Fei felt like he was about to go crazy. What would he do with such a ridiculous quest?

“Alright then! Young fellow, that’s all I can help you with. There is no need to express your gratitude. I want to sleep now. Leave!” After all was said and done, the Dragon God decided to send his guests away.

“What the heck! Are you going back to sleep after what you just did to me?” Jiang Fei wanted to say more. However, a white light suddenly flashed before him as he and Isabella were forcefully transported out of the cave.


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