Chapter 538: I Will Kill You Today

TitleChapter 538: I Will Kill You Today
Alternative Title Billion of Pampering Only For You, 亿万盛宠只为你
Genre(s)Drama,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 538: I Will Kill You Today – They are childhood sweethearts, they are engaged under the family’s scheme, and they have to live in the same room and sleep together. That night, she was accidentally drunk, and he kissed her in a fascinating mood,. By accident, his “crime” was finally discovered, she accused him, but he said with a smile, “You are my wife, why can’t I kiss you?” The two people’s daily routine is full of bickering, mutual hate. He said that he disliked her. Actually, In his heart, he was extremely caring of her. When she was close to other boys, he was so jealous that he wants to tie her to his side and become exclusively his.

Chapter 538: I Will Kill You Today Translator:Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Yin Shaojie pushed Han Qiqing away. It was only then that he let go of Mu Xiaoxiao and looked at her stomach. His brows furrowed as he asked, “She kicked you?” Knowing that she couldn’t hide the fact anymore, Mu Xiaoxiao nodded in assent. Even if she didn’t admit this now, Yin Shaojie would have checked her entire body once they got home out of worry./updated by Yin Shaojie gritted his teeth. His gaze was now ferociously deadly, and he clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white. “You deserve to die, woman!”  ( Box novel.c om ) Ye Sijue walked over and he looked at the scene with his blue eyes before saying, “She deserves more than death.” Yin Shaojie and Han Qiqing looked up at him. Ye Sijue walked over to the window and pulled the deep red curtains aside, letting the bright sunlight in. “Look at Xiaoxiao’s face,” he said. Yin Shaojie and Han Qiqing turned around to look and sucked in their breaths. There were obvious slap marks on Mu Xiaoxiao’s face. It was evident that she must have been slapped really hard. Han Qiqing stood up in fury and roared at Han Xue’er, “You slut! How dare you treat Xiaoxiao like this? You motherf*cker! I will kill you today, or I swear I’m not Han Qiqing!” She rushed towards her after her speech. Han Xue’er saw Han Qiqing’s slap coming and tried to dodge it. Han Qiqing was boiling mad and shouted at Song Shijun, “Come over and hold her down! I must slap her until her skin splits and her flesh bursts out!” Song Shijun didn’t want to do it. He shot a look at the policeman beside him and said, “Go over and help her.” The policeman dared not defy him, for he was the mayor’s son! He could only thicken his skin and hold Han Xue’er down. Han Xue’er screamed loudly, “Let me go! You’re the police! How can you help them! Just arrest me! Hurry up and arrest me!” Her heart ran cold, and she started to tremble at the thought of Young Master Jie’s gaze earlier. She would rather be arrested by the police right now! The policemen looked at each other and chose to ignore her unanimously. Han Qiqing smirked as she walked towards Han Xue’er, contempt in her gaze. She lifted her hand up high and let it swoop down in a heavy motion. Slap——! The sound rang out, resonant. Even Song Shijun jumped in fright. How could a slap ring out so loudly? This was his first time experiencing such a thing! The force of the blow made Han Xue’er slant to one side. In mere seconds, her face reddened, and there was even blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. “Han Qiqing, you slu—” Before she could finish her insult, another slap landed on her face. Slap——! This time, the force of the slap almost caused Han Xue’er to fall to the ground. Han Qiqing shook her hand. Her palm felt numb, for she had used up almost all her strength just now. “How many times did you hit Xiaoxiao? Three times? Five times? Anyway, I don’t care. I’ll take it as five times, and I’ll return you double what you did to Xiaoxiao!”    ( Box novel.c om ) With that said, she threw another slap at her. After slapping the right side of her face, she had to be slapped on the left side to balance things out. If her hand didn’t hurt from this, Han Qiqing would have slapped her more than ten times. She really wanted to bash Han Xue’er up until she looked like a pig’s head! After being hit ten times, Han Xue’er felt her entire head go fuzzy. Unable to balance on her feet, she fell to the ground in a terrible mess. After taking revenge for Mu Xiaoxiao, Han Qiqing dusted her hands and returned to Mu Xiaoxiao’s side. She sounded as if she took all the credit for the work as she said, “Is that enough? If not, I’m okay with expending some more effort to slap her a few more times.”


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