Chapter 52: Great Commotion While Trying To Kill It

TitleChapter 52: Great Commotion While Trying To Kill It
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 52: Great Commotion While Trying To Kill It – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

On the third day, big bear battle squad continued with their usual performance. With the exceptional frequency that they killed monsters, they earned even more flux energy crystals compared to other ordinary battle squads because the progress of big Xiong, brother thin and crooked teeth Qiang was clearly visible. From doing nothing at the start, at the end of day two, all three of them had fully opened one flux point. And then there was Li Yunmu. His cultivation was making rapid progress, every day he would take half of the battle squads earnings and then at night, he would collect even more flux energy crystals through the shadow hack. Within two days, he had fully opened his celestial point and the leg sea point of both legs as well as half the palm pond point of his right hand. Thus, his efficiency of killing dwarf witches had become even more terrifying. Charged Assault…..Violent Blade….Cricket Cut Kick……Insect Step……Wind God Tornado Kick……Leap Strike….Arrow Evasion……Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike. A series of weakened versions of these foundation skills stacked with each other. Although he didn’t enter the battle sage entrancement state again, his rate of killing dwarf witches further increased. Big Xiong and others also discovered today that after one more night, there were two additional so-called “low-grade battle skills”. Now, everyone could see that Li Yunmu wasn’t here just for killing monsters, rather, he was just tempering the stacked battle skills. With the addition of the ten forms of Wind God Tornado Kick, the stacking of all of Li Yunmu’s foundation skills experienced a breakthrough in quality. To not attract the attention of others and invite trouble upon himself, Li Yunmu only revealed around 30% of the total power of these foundation skills. This constraint also applied to Wind God Tornado Kick. Of the ten total continuous kicks, he separated them into independent kick attacks and mixed it with other foundation skills. As more time passed, the sun gradually went down the horizon, completing today’s training. Today, the efficiency of Li Yunmu’s battle squad was as high as ever. Big Xiong and his two friends also improved, but they couldn’t pull Li Yunmu down, instead, his contribution today was even higher, attaining 40% of total squad’s battle contribution. He had obtained 40,000 dimensional coins and six flux energy crystals. When the representatives of other cities present in the fluxer hall at Cloud Castle saw that big bear battle squad’s military success had soared even higher today, one by one, all of them were perturbed. No matter how powerful Ling Shuang was, without powerful assistance, she couldn’t support the big bear battle squad for too long. Similarly, no matter how much battle talent Li Yunmu had, he also couldn’t bring his battle squad far without the assistance of a good range attacker. However, with Li Yunmu teaming up with Ling Shuang, a close combatant coordinating with a ranged attacker, the battle ability and endurance revealed by these two was just too terrifying. Let alone mention the fact that the generous earnings of the battle squad were obtained with the assistance of two people, many people also discovered that the strength of the idiot trio of big Xiong was also gradually increasing. Li Yunmu, this guy’s performance in this low-level battle squad was simply monstrous. On the other hand, the achievements of the Lucky Wind Battle Squad led by Luo Jin had also been extremely fierce because of the shield provided by Liu Noujie. On the third day, Lucky Wind City’s name not only didn’t fall, instead, it was even raised by a few ranks, barely reaching within the first 60. Naturally, the matter of big bear battle squad had been the cause of astonishment in people, while simultaneously attracting sneers from many people. Were dwarf witches easy to kill? The answer was yes, they were an easy kill, they were large in number and were weak in strength, they could be dealt with more easily compared to other formidable dimensional beasts, so the number of flux energy crystals they could harvest every day was plenty. But then, why didn’t other people come to kill dwarf witches? If the big bear battle squad had investigated deeply, they would have discovered that among the people who arrived here this year, no one had been willing to enter the territory of the dwarf witches, the Mountain Ridges. Even the most powerful battle squads also didn’t. This was because the bloody history of this area provides a clear warning for all the fluxers entering this region. This place was the most dangerous region of the Great Lamu River Zone, almost all of the battle squads who had entered here previously had been exterminated. The reason, the dwarf witch monsters resemble humans, they were a tribe that had successfully formed a society with different classes. Moreover, their entire population was present in this one region, so basically, whoever enters their territory, dies. Presently, the big bear battle squad was only killing small tribes at the outer perimeter, so although it seemed to be extremely gratifying, after the number of dead dwarf witches in the territory reaches a limit, then they would certainly invite the fury of all the dwarf witch monsters. So when that moment arrives, they would certainly attract the attention of more formidable dwarf witch tribes. Because of this reason, the representatives of other cities were silently waiting for them to be exterminated. “It’s almost time, according to my estimate, with their speed of killing dwarf witches at approximately 1000 per day, in another two days, all the dwarf witch tribes will dispatch troops and at that time, if the king’s stronghold also dispatches the green-eyed devil mastiff, then this group of morons wouldn’t be able to run, even in their war chariot.” “Haha, too reckless. Among these five people, apart from Ling Shuang who may have some ways to save herself, all the others are just waiting to be killed.” At the Mountain Ridges, Li Yunmu and others weren’t aware that other people were excitedly waiting for them to be killed and Ling Shuang also didn’t know that the territory of dwarf witches was so dangerous as she had just recently joined under the tutelage of her master. However, all these people had never expected that the king’s stronghold, on whom they had placed their hopes for exterminating the big bear battle squad, had been similarly sought by someone acting recklessly to exterminate it. The third evening, Li Yunmu still chose the same hack location, the king grade stronghold of dwarf witches, despite its unprecedentedly huge barracks and a countless number of dwarf witches defending it. Li Yunmu’s shadow wasn’t afraid of death, even if the dwarf witch race’s king’s stronghold was as daunting as tigers and wolves, for Li Yunmu, it was simply a huge gold mine. Although the process was somewhat difficult, this also implied that his profits would be even greater. The most important thing was that after the shadow launched its attack, the other party never seemed to be even the least bit afraid and the dwarf witches in there didn’t escape and scatter in the face of death. Since this king’s stronghold received assistance from a large number of dwarf witch tribes, they were basically not afraid of a trifling lone shadow. This was also one of the reasons why Li Yunmu insisted on attacking this king grade stronghold of dwarf witches. Apart from this, there were still many second layer black crystal dwarf wizards here, killing them would certainly provide him with a second-grade black flux energy crystal 1 . Although he could not use it with his present cultivation, but even then if the shadow loses its life in exchange for black flux energy crystals, it was completely worth it. The market price of second-grade dark flux black crystal was more than 100,000 dimensional coins for one, so how could Li Yunmu leave such a big meat pie alone. On that night, Li Yunmu first absorbed the six flux energy crystals cleanly and fully opened his palm pond flux points. While big Xiong and others were immersed in their cultivation or were sleeping, he once again dispatched the shadow far away to the king’s stronghold. This time, the shadow’s strength had become even more formidable. His foundation skills have been promoted by one or two levels, Admiralty Cover could now block 42% of the incoming damage, furthermore, he also had the movement speed provided by the whirlwind generated from Wind God Tornado Kick. It could be said that the shadow had prepared well or perhaps learned its lesson from the four deaths last night. This time, the shadow’s attacking strategy transformed again, it didn’t attack the stronghold directly. Rather, it transformed itself into an assassin, blending itself within the darkness of the night and began to attack the patrols on the outer periphery of the stronghold one by one. In case the enemy sent out their elite troops, the shadow would use the Escaping Danger Skill to run far away and with the boost of flux energy from the two leg sea points, it would be able to escape the reach of the green-eyed devil mastiff in time. After successfully leaving the battlefield, it would then conceal itself in the darkness of the night and remain motionless, avoiding all the hunting squads of dwarf witches. This time, Li Yunmu didn’t go to sleep, he continued to attentively watch all the movements of the shadow. It had to be said that the system’s words were quite true, the preserved shadow spirit would become increasingly more flexible with its battle strategy, incorporating everything it had learned. However, regardless of whatever the shadow did, compared to a human-like Li Yunmu, it was still not enough, even far from enough. For example, after getting a certain distance from the battlefield, it would throughly conceal itself within the darkness and remain hidden. This strategy was still not good enough as it was be a great waste of time. Thus, he descended his consciousness into the shadow’s body. He decided to battle himself. If today, he didn’t throw this king’s stronghold into chaos, then he would really be wasting all his resting time.


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