Chapter 389: Betrayal Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

TitleChapter 389: Betrayal Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 389: Betrayal Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

that, the situation spiraled out of control. There were twenty-three members in Maple Wood Alliance. Among them, Li Yunmu, Wang Yan, Luo Honghua, Zheng Quan, and Zhang Yuan didn’t attack. The others however didn’t hesitate in raising the butcher’s knife and throwing all the boatmen into the ocean right away. Although they didn’t kill the boatmen directly, North Blue was different from oceans of the Earth. Ordinary people thrown into water far from the coast were just like food being thrown into a fish tank. In a short while, there were countless twisting and coiling creatures in the vicinity of the cruise ship. The sharp-toothed vicious fish gathered together and tore apart the boatmen. In the blink of an eye, the ocean water was covered by a layer of blood. By then, it was clear to Li Yunmu that the lives of slaves and ordinary people were completely worthless in the eyes of flux experts. Even if they received the protection of an administrative region, no one would care about their deaths once anything was done out of sight. It wasn’t like the officials didn’t have any other jobs to waste time on carrying out an investigation for a dead person. After getting rid of the boatmen, the group of people immediately unloaded the small boats and began to move toward the island which was less than one nautical mile away. Although the unloaded ships were called small boats, they were still more than ten meters long. They were also created from the iron pistil wood, so they naturally wouldn’t be destroyed by the attacks of vicious beasts. On top of that, since every person in the group was a flux experts, the vicious beasts with limited horizons who jumped at the ships would suffer from the attacks of the cultivators riding them. In that manner, more than ten vicious beasts died. Once so many bodies littered the water, others finally stopped attacking the ‘small boats’. In the meantime, everyone was quickly urging their small boats forward. Thump! The sound of a bubble bursting echoed, and the small boats entered the purple mist which was enveloping the island. When everyone looked around, they discovered that the world around them had changed. Behind them, North Blue as well as the enormous cruise ship had disappeared. There was only the purple mist all around them. “My god, this is truly a dimensional space which hasn’t yet been discovered.” Zhang Yuan sat with a stupefied expression, mumbling to himself as if he was in a dream. In the end, under the signal from Zheng Quan, Luo Honghua asked, “Brother Zhang, what’s this dimensional space you’ve mentioned so many times?” “What? You people don’t know what a dimensional space is?” Liu Yangwei, another expert persuaded by Zhang Yuan, asked with an odd tone. When Li Yunmy saw him looking at Luo Honghua like a martian, he smiled faintly. That was the difference between the descenders and the natives of the Origin World. Sometimes, there was some basic knowledge which the descenders didn’t know about. “En, I really don’t know,” Luo Honghua replied while putting on a brave face. With the situation having deteriorated before, both Zheng Quan and Luo Honghua harboured killing intent toward the members who had been pulled in by Zhang Yuan. Thus, it didn’t matter to them even if the other party thought that they were somewhat odd. It was just that right then wasn’t the best time to start attacking. “Wow, I truly hadn’t expected that there would be some nobles who wouldn’t have heard of dimensional spaces,” Zhang Yuan said disdainfully. By then, he was certain that Zheng Quan’s group were nobles who were far from the Central Continent. They didn’t possess any power and had completely regressed, similar to the nobles of countryside on Earth. But he didn’t once consider that they might be people from another world. “I’ve once heard from the elders that there are countless dimensional spaces in our world, constantly changing in all aspects. The dimensional space here clearly hadn’t been discovered and so its resources hadn’t been exploited. Ha ha ha, this trip truly wasn’t in vain, the heavens are helping me.” Zhang Yuan and the experts who he had roped in, Lei Jun and Liu Yangwei, burst out laughing. In their opinion, the situation had been settled long ago. Since the three of them who were the most powerful had joined hands, the right of leadership belonged to them. Thus they naturally wouldn’t bother to cover it up. All the humans in the Origin World were like that. Once they obtained absolute strength, they would abandon all false pretenses of friendship and kick the other party down. “Zheng Quan, perhaps you don’t know, but we want to make something clear. Although you people haven’t heard of dimensional spaces, you only need to know it means a lot of benefits and resources. “This being said, we now propose a cooperation. We eight people will collect 70% of the resources while the remaining 30% will go to you.” Zhang Yuan finally revealed his fangs. In one line, he demanded for 70% of the resources in the dimensional space. When the other members of Maple Wood Alliance saw the group of eight who had rebelled for the first time, their complexions turned unsightly. Apart from Zhang Yuan, Lei Jun, and Liu Wangyei, the other people were also pretty strong; all of them occupied rooms among the first seventy. Although Zheng Quan’s side was greater in number and had fifteen people, it didn’t mean much. Apart from the comparatively honest Lu Zhong who occupied the thirty-seventh room and was somewhat powerful, only the descenders occupied rooms within the first sixty. The remaining members were all outside the first hundred or had barely started cultivating. With both sides clearly standing on the opposite, their strengths and weaknesses were quite clear. Not to mention Zhang Yuan, who had the strength to occupy one of the first ten rooms, Lu Zhong wasn’t even a rival for the combined strength of Lei Jun and Liu Yangwei. On top of that, the five members who formed the core strength of Maple Wood Alliance had also been pulled to the other side. “Why are all of you doing this? I would like to ask when I, Luo Honghua, have treated you badly? Why are you betraying Maple Wood Alliance,” Luo Honghua asked the people standing behind Zhang Yuan. Her words were the nonsense of an inexperienced sore loser. “A fine bird chooses for itself in which tree to nest!” 1 “I am sorry Luo Honghua, but circumstances are more powerful than people, and we want to survive,” one person on Zhang Yuan’s side said with a hint of shame. The others also slightly lowered their heads. Zhang Yuan patted the speaker’s shoulder and said in consolation, “It doesn’t matter. Your actions were indeed correct. I am convinced that anyone would choose the same as you when faced with such a situation. The small benefits offered by Zheng Quan and his lot aren’t good enough to put your lives in danger.”


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