Chapter 382: Spicy Pickled Fish Noodles

TitleChapter 382: Spicy Pickled Fish Noodles
Alternative Title最强宠婚:腹黑老公傲娇萌妻
Author(s)Slight Uplifting,微扬
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 382: Spicy Pickled Fish Noodles – Wen Xuxu is a tenacious, talented, smart and brave woman who was fostered by the Yan family at the age of four when she lost both her parents. Brought up to be the successor of a huge conglomerate, Yan Rusheng is an aloof, intelligent and arrogant man who is the most sought-after bachelor in the capital city. Despite growing up together, both of them seem to treat each other as an eyesore. She labels him as a jerk and womanizer while in his eyes, she is a shrew. Over time, they fall for each other, but they continue to conceal their feelings for each other. By a twist of fate, they are forced into a marriage. And unknown to everyone else and Yan Rusheng, she has harbored a deep secret for many years.

Chapter 382: Spicy Pickled Fish Noodles Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios After hearing what she said, Xuxu was more adamant not to let her come back. “It’s much of a rush and stressful for you. Please don’t put yourself through so much trouble. I’ll pass back the phone to him, okay?” The flight home would take more than 20 hours. It would be too exhausting for her. “Then you must give me your word that you’ll have a good talk with the Third Yan, okay?” All of a sudden, Mu Li no longer sounded eager to return. Xuxu reluctantly responded with an ‘Okay’. She had no choice even though she knew that Mu Li was resorting to desperate measures, just in case she really does come back. She was definitely capable of suddenly appearing in front of her and Yan Rusheng. So, she would rather not take the gamble. “Our Xuxu is still the most obedient.” Mu Li laughed joyfully. ” Go take a quick shower. I’ll communicate with the both of you via video call in a while.” Communicate with them via video call…? Without giving a second thought, Xuxu replied swiftly, “I’ve not taken my dinner. Let’s have the video call tomorrow instead.” Perhaps, communicating with them individually via separate video calls would be even better. “I missed both of you too much, so please let me have a quick look at you,” requested Mu Li. There was a trace of melancholic longing in her voice. Xuxu didn’t have the heart to reject her because when she said that she missed them, she’s definitely not faking it. She nodded her head and answered lightly, “Okay.” Her tummy was rumbling after she ended the call. She placed her hand over her tummy as she looked at the clock in the living room. It was already past 11 p.m. She had yet to have her dinner. Just then, the meticulous Aunt Zhang walked out of the dining room and she saw how Xuxu had shown her hunger through her actions. She made a quick guess that she was famished, She then smiled at her. “Missy, Young Master had instructed me to cook spicy pickled fish with handmade noodles and it is almost ready.” Spicy pickled fish with handmade noodles? That was her favorite noodles. But was it really Yan Rusheng who had instructed it? If someone else had told her, she would have believed right away. But since it came from Aunt Zhang’s mouth, inevitably, she would have her suspicions about the old lady’s motives. Xuxu frowned and looked at the elderly lady’s pleasant smile. Only by scrutinizing her, would she be able to detect if there were any traces of craftiness & hidden agendas in her smile. She thought, if it wasn’t the old lady who had updated Aunt Mu Li on a daily basis, given that she’s in Country Y. then how could Aunt Mu Li be so well-informed about the details of hers and Yan Rusheng’s life? But she understood that the elderly lady meant well, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so worried for them. “Let me get changed first before eating.” After that, she shuffled on her feet and moved towards the staircase. Once upstairs, she hurriedly removed her tight fitting clothes and changed into comfortable home wear. She felt more relaxed after that. She went downstairs and headed straight to the dining room. When she set foot on the dining room, the first thing she saw was a man slurping on his noodles—it astounded her. “Why was he eating noodles too?” “Missy, quickly come over and have your noodles before it turns lumpy.” Aunt Zhang carried a piping hot bowl of noodles out from the kitchen and greeted Xuxu when she saw her. Xuxu looked at her and nodded. “Oh, okay.” She walked over and sat facing Yan Rusheng. Be it day or night, they had always been sitting in this manner at the dining table, facing each other and eating their meals without uttering a word. “There were some leftover noodles and Third Young Master suggested to cook spicy pickled fish to go with it.” Aunt Zhang served the bowl of noodles and placed it in front of Xuxu. She specifically stressed that it was Yan Rusheng’s idea to cook spicy pickled fish noodles. She was obviously hinting to Xuxu that he was accommodating her. Xuxu pursed her lips. This old lady must have been instigated by Madam Mu Li. In the past, she would only stand by and looked on anxiously. But now, she had the courage to take actions. Yan Rusheng stopped eating for a moment and glanced at the old lady who was cunningly smiling.


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