Chapter 345: Parasite Nurturing Method Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem

TitleChapter 345: Parasite Nurturing Method Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 345: Parasite Nurturing Method Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: DarkGem – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

fifteenth residential area was a newly opened place at the foot of the mountain. When Suo Lei led the other five inside, everyone discovered that even if it was just one of the residential areas for inner disciples, there were many fellow disciples present there. The fifteenth region had three hundred rooms. With a careful observation, Li Yunmu and the others discovered without much difficulty that every room had a number weaved on it in an eye-catching way. From room one to room number three hundred, all of them were arranged in an orderly fashion with scattered woods at the foot of the mountain. Among them, the rooms at the front were already occupied. Li Yunmu and the other newly added inner disciples were offered rooms starting from number two hundred and thirty. “Those rooms at the front and our rooms which are numbered at the back, what is the difference between them?” Being a newcomer, everyone was forced to choose a room at the rear. After settling down, Zheng Quan impatiently mentioned what was on his mind. After some pondering, Suo Lei honestly replied to his question. “The lower the number of the room, the higher the strength of the person occupying it. We are newcomers so our numbers are high. But if you think you have enough strength, you can challenge the masters of the rooms with lower numbers. If you win against them, you can occupy their room. Naturally, you also need enough strength to ensure that you can respond to challenges against you in the future.” Although he knew that this group of outsiders cultivated flux energy, their were really too weak. Within a short time, there was no hope for them to occupy the rooms with lower numbers. “You mean to say that if we can occupy the rooms with lower numbers, we would be able to obtain great benefits? What are those benefits?” Li Yunmu immediately caught the crucial point. “It’s regarding the number of blue moon coins you will receive every day. If you can occupy a room ranked in the first ten and successfully hold on to it for a month’s testing period, then you will obtain extremely beneficial qualifications to become a hall master, like my master, at a subsidiary island.” When Suo Lei talked about his master, an expression of fascination appeared on his face. But he quickly remembered that Bu Jie had already perished. Thus, he lost all the excitement to continue talking. Regardless of how much Zheng Quan or other descenders hoped that he would explain more so that they obtain more information as quickly as possible, he did not say another word. Everyone then could only drop the subject and disperse. The room chosen by Li Yunmu was numbered two hundred and thirty five, which was exactly the last room among the six of them. With his strength, he could have easily obtained the two hundred and thirtieth room. But he didn’t do so because there was little point to it when there was so little difference between them. The rooms at the rear didn’t have much of a disparity between them. His generous act, however, gained everyone’s favorable opinion since he himself took the initiative to choose the last ranked room. Putting the key in front door of room number two hundred thirty five, he erected a wooden plate outside. It signified that beginning from that moment, it was his first private property after entering Blue Moon Island. It could be expected that other newly added inner disciples from subsidiary islands would also receive the same treatment. He suddenly realized that the disciples of the officials of the Origin World walked a completely opposite path compared to the disciples of powers of Earth. The position of disciples nurtured by the powers of Earth depended on their innate talent. As long as they had outstanding innate talent, their future path would be extremely smooth. The sect would pour all of its resources in nurturing the small number of outstanding talents to make them formidable. As for those who had mediocre talent, they could only rely on their own tenacity and hard work. Their path was extremely difficult for people with inferior talent. There was basically no hope for them to become people of importance. However, the sects of the Origin World were polar opposites. They didn’t seem to care about anyone’s innate talent or aptitude, not paying any attention to the disciples’ actions after entering the sect. They also didn’t provide anyone any basic cultivation methods or offensive flux skills unconditionally. Everything depended on the disciples’ efforts, their struggle for that sliver of benefit and opportunity. That’s how Blue Moon Sect operated. They had formulated some regulations, and as long as the disciples didn’t violate the rules, their actions were their own business. The newly added disciples like Li Yunmu were placed within the residential area to start their struggle. This arrangement clearly implied that strength here was the only truth. It was like a breeding ground of parasitic insects, without anyone treating any inner disciple as humans. What Li Yunmu found most unimaginable was that the newly entered disciples easily accepted this sort of unfair treatment. This was the difference between the powers of Earth and the sects of the Origin World. This was also the difference in attitude between the people of Earth and the Origin World. Li Yunmu could already faintly hear the indignance in the voice of Wang Yan and Luo Honghua. These two proud daughters of heavens were really unable to accept their new reality after entering Blue Moon Island and hadn’t attached any importance to the facts. But this wasn’t their world. Clearly, they hadn’t adapted according to this fact, and since they were unable to adapt to the environment, they naturally would end up washed out. Li Yunmu didn’t feel any disappointment regarding the Origin World’s cruel nurturing, but was secretly excited. He discovered that this complete freedom of the Origin World was to his likening. Given that he possessed the hack system, he definitely didn’t want be bound and controlled like the disciples of his Earth’s sects. What made him even more satisfied was the privacy a person received within the fifteenth residential region. After surveying house, the first thing he discovered was a piece of animal fur placed on the only table in the room. On top of it, a few lines were written, which were probably related to the rules of the Origin World. There were four rules in total. The first one was that no one can barge inside a room which has a master. All offenders would be expelled from the sect. The second rule was that no one can kill a fellow disciple in a private battle. All offenders would be exterminated. The third rule was that every person had to complete a core assignment of the sect. After it was completed, the disciples would obtain the qualifications to continue staying on Blue Moon Island. All offenders would have a certain amount of contribution points deducted from their total accumulated points. Once the total turned negative, the offenders would be expelled from Blue Moon Island. The fourth rule was that once a person was challenged, they had the right to reject another challenge for seven days. This way, no one would be able to challenge the same person again and again. Apart from this, the number of ranks between every challenger and defender should surpass fifty ranks.


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