Chapter 23: What Is Your Relationship with Him

TitleChapter 23: What Is Your Relationship with Him
Alternative Title Billion of Pampering Only For You, 亿万盛宠只为你
Genre(s)Drama,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 23: What Is Your Relationship with Him – They are childhood sweethearts, they are engaged under the family’s scheme, and they have to live in the same room and sleep together. That night, she was accidentally drunk, and he kissed her in a fascinating mood,. By accident, his “crime” was finally discovered, she accused him, but he said with a smile, “You are my wife, why can’t I kiss you?” The two people’s daily routine is full of bickering, mutual hate. He said that he disliked her. Actually, In his heart, he was extremely caring of her. When she was close to other boys, he was so jealous that he wants to tie her to his side and become exclusively his.

Chapter 23: What Is Your Relationship with Him Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The last lesson was Chinese. The lesson was simply a hypnotism lesson for Mu Xiaoxiao; it kept causing her to doze off. Holding her chin with her hand, her head bobbed up and down like a pecking chick. In comparison, Yu Zhe, who was seated in front of her, was really attentive; he was even asked by the teacher to answer questions. She finally endured until the end of the lesson. After the teacher walked out of the classroom, Mu Xiaoxiao stretched. “Geez, that sleep was so uncomfortable… I wonder if I can bring along a pillow. I almost sprained my neck.” Both of her hands were supporting her neck, turning left and right, stretching her neck muscles. Yu Zhe turned around to look at her, not knowing to cry or to laugh. He then said, “You know, you slept so soundly just now. I was almost infected by you.” Pressing her palm against the desk, Mu Xiaoxiao stood up and said, “School has finally ended! I am so hungry. Let’s grab a bite. Where’s the canteen? Is the food nice?” “You eat after you have just slept; Mu Xiaoxiao, were you born in the year of the Pig?” Yu Zhe mocked. Having chatted the whole morning, the both of them had become more acquainted and were just like friends. “You are the one who was born in the year of the pig! It’s already noon, so of course I have to eat. Aren’t you going to eat too? Hurry up and take me to the canteen. It’s your treat.” Mu Xiaoxiao did not stand on ceremony with others once she became acquainted with them. Besides, she knew that Yu Zhe came from a rich family, so treating her wouldn’t cost him much. “Alright, alright, I shall treat you. Our canteens are also divided into different areas; the usual students will eat at the inexpensive ones. For us, we usually go to the luxurious areas. Later, I shall take you there and recommend some nice dishes to you.” Yu Zhe packed up his stuff on the desk and stood up. Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly exclaimed, “Oh! I forgot I have to look for someone!” “Who are you looking for?” Before Yu Zhe could finish asking, he was pulled by her and ran out. “Go, go, go! You are more familiar with the school, so take me there; where are the Year Three classes?” Mu Xiaoxiao also couldn’t care less that others would think that they were couples. She was afraid that if she were to be late, Lu Yichen would have left. Yu Zhe couldn’t help but look at his hand, which was held by her; his expression seemed amused. He asked, “Why do you want to go to the Year Three classes? You know someone there?” “Of course. Otherwise, why would I want to go there? Are you silly?” Yu Zhe was dismayed. He glared at her and muttered, “… Mu Xiaoxiao, you have a nasty tongue!” “Haven’t I said not to call me Mu Xiaoxiao? Call me Xiaoxiao. Calling me by my first name and my surname is because you either hate me or you are my enemy,” Mu Xiaoxiao said, correcting. She didn’t like it when others called her by her first name and surname; apart from Yin Shaojie, everyone else was her enemy. However, Yin Shaojie was different. They had been this way since they were young, so she didn’t mind. Sometimes, when she lost her temper, she would also call him by his full name. “So Xiaoxiao, which Year Three class do you want to go?” “Year Three Class S. Where is it?” As he was being dragged, Yu Zhe stopped in his track and asked curiously, “Year Three Class S? Whom are you looking for?” Mu Xiaoxiao beamed and said, “Lu Yichen. Do you know him?” She was also curious if Lu Yichen was really that famous in school. Yu Zhe looked astonished and asked, “Lu Yichen? The person you are looking for is him?! How are the both of you related?” Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled, “If I say it was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, would you believe me?”


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