Chapter 142: What Are You Being So Difficult For?

TitleChapter 142: What Are You Being So Difficult For?
Alternative Title Billion of Pampering Only For You, 亿万盛宠只为你
Genre(s)Drama,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 142: What Are You Being So Difficult For? – They are childhood sweethearts, they are engaged under the family’s scheme, and they have to live in the same room and sleep together. That night, she was accidentally drunk, and he kissed her in a fascinating mood,. By accident, his “crime” was finally discovered, she accused him, but he said with a smile, “You are my wife, why can’t I kiss you?” The two people’s daily routine is full of bickering, mutual hate. He said that he disliked her. Actually, In his heart, he was extremely caring of her. When she was close to other boys, he was so jealous that he wants to tie her to his side and become exclusively his.

Chapter 142: What Are You Being So Difficult For? Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Internally, he chuckled to himself bitterly. He had treated Mu Xiaoxiao like a child from an ordinary family. Even though Mu Xiaoxiao had said that she had transferred over from America, everyone had assumed that she had been a commoner since she was academically inclined. In addition, no one had seen Mu Xiaoxiao being chauffeured by luxury cars before, so they thought that she was lying about her status. Mu Xiaoxiao said guiltily, “Yu Zhe, I wasn’t trying to conceal the truth on purpose…” Yu Zhe replied understandingly, “I understand.” Actually, she had never talked about her family background at all. What people thought they knew was based off the wild speculations of others, so she hadn’t done anything wrong. “Then are you and Young Master Jie childhood friends?” he asked. This was the thing he was the most curious about. Mu Xiaoxiao nodded. “Yeah.” Beside them, Han Qiqing smiled and said, “Xiaoxiao’s relationship with Yin Shaojie is closer than my relationship with her. They’ve known each other since Xiaoxiao was born.” Yu Zhe’s expression looked a little unnatural. “So that’s how it is…” This cleared up the reason for Yin Shaojie’s special treatment of Mu Xiaoxiao and the words she had said at the girls back then. He suddenly had a desire to see how the girls would react after they knew Mu Xiaoxiao’s relationship with Young Master Jie. That would be exciting. Originally, Yu Zhe had wanted to stay here and accompany her, but with Han Qiqing here, there was no need for his presence. After chatting for a while, it was time for him to go back to class. “I’ll come and visit you after school then. Rest well.” “Okay.” Yu Zhe then left. With a peculiar expression on her face, Han Qiqing said, “Did you see that look of disappointment on his face just now? After he heard about your relationship with Yin Shaojie, his entire being… How do I put this — he looked like he had been jilted in love.” Mu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes. “I told you to stop with that nonsense! Yu Zhe and I are only friends, and his concern for me is only out of friendship. It’s not as romantic as you think it is!” Han Qiqing thumbed her nose at her. “Humph, just you wait. You’ll get that he likes you eventually.” Mu Xiaoxiao snatched the sandwich from her hand. “Say anything more and you won’t get to eat!” “Hey hey hey! Fine, I’ll shut up. Give it back to me.” “Nope!” The gears in Mu Xiaoxiao’s head turned. Unwrapping the sandwich swiftly, she stuffed it into her mouth. Han Qiqing shrieked, “Mu Xiaoxiao! You’re too sly!” With the sandwich in her mouth, Mu Xiaoxiao’s said in a muffled voice, “Yu Zhe got this for me in the first place…” … Inside an office. Yin Shaojie lolled about on the long sofa lazily. His eyes were fixated on his phone’s screen, and the corner of his lips twitched occasionally. Han Qiqing pushed the door open stealthily. She looked around the room and only entered upon seeing him. “Great Master Yin, did you have a fight with Xiaoxiao?” she asked. Yin Shaojie lifted his gaze and looked her in the eye. “I don’t think my office is somewhere that you can enter and exit freely, no?” he said expressionlessly. “How stingy. I’m here to be your mediator.” Curious about what he was watching, Han Qiqing walked to his side and craned her neck to peek at the screen. Yin Shaojie moved his phone away unobtrusively. “This is a private matter between her and me.” Han Qiqing replied uncomprehendingly, “What are you being so difficult for? Is it because of the picture of her and Lu Yichen? They’re just sitting down and having a meal together; how is that romantic? Anyway, I was also there on that…” “You were where?” Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes.


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