Chapter 1107: Are You Giving Up? (2)

TitleChapter 1107: Are You Giving Up? (2)
Alternative Title Billion of Pampering Only For You, 亿万盛宠只为你
Genre(s)Drama,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 1107: Are You Giving Up? (2) – They are childhood sweethearts, they are engaged under the family’s scheme, and they have to live in the same room and sleep together. That night, she was accidentally drunk, and he kissed her in a fascinating mood,. By accident, his “crime” was finally discovered, she accused him, but he said with a smile, “You are my wife, why can’t I kiss you?” The two people’s daily routine is full of bickering, mutual hate. He said that he disliked her. Actually, In his heart, he was extremely caring of her. When she was close to other boys, he was so jealous that he wants to tie her to his side and become exclusively his.

Chapter 1107: Are You Giving Up? (2) Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Han Qiqing glared at him. “You’re the one who’s doing things on purpose. Why would I hide my passport? You’re an idiot!” Song Shijun shrugged and said pointedly, “I thought you got cold feet at the last minute.” Han Qiqing didn’t want to continue this conversation and rolled her eyes at him. Song Shijun was actually trying to liven the atmosphere, but upon seeing that her eyes were red, realized that she was really upset and kept quiet. He looked towards Mu Xiaoxiao and asked, “What do we do now? If we don’t hurry to the airport we’ll miss our flight.” Mu Xiaoxiao looked at Qiqing hesitantly. “But you can’t go now…” “What can I do? I’ll just not go. Just go ahead without me. If I find my passport, I’ll take fly over tomorrow,” Han Qiqing said as she patted her back and tried to force a smile. “But…” Mu Xiaoxiao looked at her, worried. She knew that Han Qiqing wanted to go to America to see Lu Yichen. Song Shijun said, “That’s the only thing we can do, then. Xiaoxiao, Shaojie, you should go to the airport first. I’ll stay here to search with Qiqing.” Han Qiqing looked at him and said, “Who asked you to stay? I don’t need your help. I’ll just look for it myself. It’s okay if I don’t find it.” Song Shijun threw himself on the sofa and rested his arms on its back. He said leisurely, “It doesn’t matter if I go. Now that you aren’t going, why should I go and become a gooseberry? Aiyoh, I haven’t even eaten breakfast. Butler, get someone to make breakfast for me. I want to have spaghetti.” The butler smiled and nodded. “Alright, I’ll get someone to make some now, Young Master Song. Please wait.” Han Qiqing looked helplessly at him before pulling Xiaoxiao’s hand and walking forward. “Xiaoxiao, hurry and head to the airport. You’re going to miss your flight,” she said. Mu Xiaoxiao hesitated for a while, but she could only nod. “Alright then.” She looked at the people around her before bending over and whispering into Qiqing’s ear, “Do you have anything you want me to relay to Lu Yichen?” Han Qiqing paused for a while before smiling bitterly and shaking her head. “Nothing. Just ask if his mom is doing well.” “Yeah, I will. Then… we’ll get going first.” Mu Xiaoxiao hugged Qiqing before leaving the Han residence with Yin Shaojie. Song Shijun was still sitting on the sofa. He waved Han Qiqing over and patted the spot beside him, gesturing for her to sit. Han Qiqing walked over and sat by his side. “What?” Song Shijun looked at her with suspicion on his face. He leaned close and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “You… really didn’t hide your passport?” Han Qiqing rolled her eyes at him, grabbed a cushion, and threw it at him. “You’re crazy!” Song Shijun tutted. “That’s really weird. If you didn’t hide your passport, where did it go? It couldn’t have grown legs and run off, right?” Han Qiqing suddenly narrowed her eyes and pointed a finger at his nose. Huffing with anger, she said, “Tell me! Was it you?” “Me?” Upon hearing this, Song Shijun pointed at himself. In a tone of disbelief, he said, “Are you suspecting me of hiding your passport? Please! How would I know where you put your passport?”


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