Chapter 101: Sister Noujie’s Grudge

TitleChapter 101: Sister Noujie’s Grudge
Alternative Title我的影子会挂机
Author(s)Great Lord Of Cloudland,云梦大领主
Genre(s)Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Martial Arts,Romance,Sci-fi,Xuanhuan
TypeChinese Web Novel

Chapter 101: Sister Noujie’s Grudge – By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points. Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box. Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else

Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, the library. Li Yunmu had been at the library since dawn. He could clearly see that the number of people visiting the library had increased these past two days. The reason was that after two more days, the steel castle would be entering the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield Dimensional Zone. This was a major hotspot for monsters. According to the legends, seventy years ago, a steel castle had to face a sudden attack from the dimensional beasts at the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield Dimensional Zone. In that battle, the steel castle of one of the major cities of the Holy Continent was destroyed in this dimensional field. From then on, it came to be known as the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield Dimensional Zone. This area was much more extensive compared to the Lamu River Zone and spanned over an area of 100,000 Furthermore, it also contained all sorts of dimensional beasts with the Devil Ox clan being the hegemon among them. Apart from this, many other dimensional beast clans occupied territories in all directions. The strength of the dimensional beasts and monsters was also distributed over all layers. From the first layer ordinary crystal dimensional beasts that were in large numbers to the fourth layer golden crystal dimensional beasts. All of them could be found here. Furthermore, if someone’s luck was extremely bad, he might also accidentally enter the nest of a rainbow crystal monster. Thus, the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield Dimensional Zone was considered the second most dangerous area among the other dimensional zones. Similarly, it was also a place for fluxers to get rich fast or make great improvements in their cultivation in one night. There was only a thin line between danger and fortune in this place. Given that it was such an extensive dimensional zone, how could the fluxers of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard waste these two days without gaining a proper understanding of the place? Preparedness averts peril. Thus, for the past two days, the library has a large number of people. Regardless of whether they were newcomers that had arrived this year like Li Yunmu, those who had arrived one year earlier, or those who had arrived two earlier and so on, all the seniors and juniors were concentrated in the library. Li Yunmu swept a glance and even discovered six seniors with a cultivation at the golden crystal layer. They were also busy searching for information. Apparently, they trying to prepare for something. However, this time, the purpose of Li Yunmu’s visit to the library wasn’t regarding the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield Dimensional Zone. Precisely speaking, that wasn’t his main priority. He actually wanted to search for information about a secret and obscure location from all the books in the library. On the contrary, the information about the Devil Ox Valley was his second preference. Actually, after the system had scanned and absorbed the true Fifth Dimensional language’s translation manuscript, Li Yunmu had already solved the puzzle of those six destroyed runic pages. The six destroyed runic pages written in true Fifth Dimensional language didn’t contain information about treasure weapons like he had originally thought. Rather, it was a badly damaged map of a secret location. Although the six pages didn’t give the specific location of the entrance to the secret region, after numerous simulations and analysis, the system was able to find the approximate location of this secret region’s entrance. Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. This was the name of the dimensional field where the entrance to the secret region was located. Li Yunmu guarded this information tightly to ensure that no other soul would learn about it. This time, he had decided to go exploring by himself. Not for any other reason, only so that he could learn the secret of these destroyed pages while continuing with his hack. Secret region’s entrance? He already learned that not many hidden entrances to secret areas had been discovered in the entire Fifth Dimension. In the last two hundred or so years, only 37 such entrances had been discovered. But every time, the entrances of these secret areas had been the cause of death for many people. Those who died weren’t ordinary people rather fluxers and not ordinary fluxers, instead fluxers that had the cultivation of silver crystal layer at the minimum. Thus, regardless of whether these people died due to information leaks that gave rise to disputes between different powers of humanity or whether they died due to the dangers within the secret area, these secret areas were extremely frightening places. If he hadn’t congealed a king grade crystal armor or hadn’t learned an extremely formidable defensive skill or didn’t have the two shadows to accompany him, Li Yunmu simply wouldn’t have dared to enter this kind of places. Frankly speaking, he wouldn’t have decided to act until he had full confidence. However, after thoroughly absorbing all the rewards he had earned from killing the dwarf witch clan’s king, Li Yunmu now had the qualifications. He searched through every nook and cranny of the library and even inputted the information in the stellarcomm to confirm. Soon, he had found every information available about the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain. The information about this place wasn’t that hard to find, so he had quickly found a bunch of information. “Distance from Devil Ox Valley Battlefield is 38,646 kilometers?” Li Yunmu carefully analyzed and sorted through all the information he had obtained and conveniently had the system scan and store all the information like the geographical position of Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain and the map coordinates or any other relevant fact. “Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain? This is the an extremely dangerous dimensional zone. Moreover, it also is a hidden domain. Fellow student Li Yunmu, what are thinking by trying to find out the location of the another terrifying dimensional zone instead of learning about the Devil Ox Valley Battlefield Dimensional Zone?” Li Yunmu was completely focused on the information in front of him that at some point in time, Liu Noujie had arrived by his side. “Ehh…oh, just curious. Are all the areas marked as hidden domain that dangerous?” Li Yunmu said without being afraid that Liu Noujie could associate it with some secret. Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, the surface area covered by the entire zone was more than half of the Central Continent. If the secret entrance hadn’t been discovered until now and could be found just by searching the dimensional zone it was located in, then this secret area wasn’t worth existing. If he hadn’t personally exterminated the majority of the dwarf witch race by himself, then he might not necessarily have found the information and approximate location of this secret entrance. “Are you still planning to fight against a king grade dimensional beast for dark flux energy?” Liu Noujie clearly didn’t believe his lies. “What? Don’t tell me that this Moro Mountain Tenebrous Dark Domain also has a king grade dimensional beasts?” Li Yunmu’s eyes shone brightly. “What are you talking about. How could all the areas marked as hidden domains by humans possibly not have king grade dimensional beasts? I honestly advise you, regardless of whether you are a disciple of that mysterious sect or not, you really cannot go to these place. At least, people with our level of cultivation cannot even think about going there.” Liu Noujie earnestly said. “Then what level of strength do I need to cultivate till so that I can enter these places?” “At least till the rainbow crystal layer and only if you are willing to go there alone.” “Wait a minute, you just said that I am a disciple of some mysterious sect?” Li Yunmu was slightly slower in noticing the aberration in her words. Wrinkling his brows, he repeated her words in a questioning tone as if trying to ask what she meant. Suddenly, he remembered that while he was walking in the great courtyard today, many seniors in groups of twos and threes were pointing towards him and discussing something. Although he couldn’t hear what they were saying because he was far away, the words ‘mysterious and hidden sect’ seemed to be mentioned over and over again. Initially, he didn’t understand and was too lazy to investigate what nonsense they were spouting. But now, even sister Liu Noujie was saying this. This left him perplexed and confused. “Hu, don’t speak like you don’t know. Presently, many people are discussing about you and all your fellow disciples of the Li Sect on the online forum of the Cloud City Warzone. You don’t need to pretend in front of me.” Liu Noujie said to him with a slight frown: “Don’t try to change the topic. You really cannot go to this region.” This time, Liu Noujie was extremely serious, unlike her usual delicate and easygoing behavior as she said to Li Yunmu one word at a time. “Why do you care so much about me?” At the moment, Li Yunmu was distracted by Liu Noujie’s seriousness. He didn’t dare to lock eyes with her. Liu Noujie’s concern could be considered as being overly serious. “During my childhood, I once followed my paternal aunt to Lucky Wind City to visit some relatives. There, I met a rude and unreasonable delinquent that snatched my lollipop. To stop me from chasing after him, this delinquent also pulled down my trousers. At that time, I was only six years old…” Without even blinking her eyes, Liu Noujie narrated a childhood story while feeling angry and annoyed. “… the surname of this delinquent wasn’t Li, right?” Cold sweat appeared on Li Yunmu’s forehead. Honestly speaking, during his childhood, he was indeed unreasonable and rude. The number of girls that he had snatched lollipops was countless. Furthermore, pulling down their trousers to make sure that they didn’t chase after him was a well-tested trick. However, this childhood story… Why does a goddess like you, Liu Noujie, still remember about it? Even I have forgotten it by now. Ohh dear god, this is so f*cking bad. “What do you think.”


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