12 Hours After - Chapter 65

Title12 Hours After – Chapter 65
Alternative Title12시간뒤
Genre(s)Action, Adventure
TypeChinese Web Novel

12 Hours After – Chapter 65 – A very ordinary white collar worker, Han Sang Hoon. One day, he came late to work and there he finds a strange destiny called 12[Hours After].

Chapter 65: Chapter 65. An Extra Character Of The World, A Main Character Of The World

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED

After dinner, President Kwon and I walked out of the tuna restaurant. I shook hands with him at the door.

“Then, I’ll ask you to do me a favor, President Kwon.”

President Kwon bowed his head and got my handshake. “No, I’ll ask you to do me a favor.”

While I said good-bye to him, I could hear the sound of opening the car door a little way off from me. I raised my head and saw that Secretary Seo was waiting for me in the distance. When I saw him, I said to President Kwon, “Oh, by the way, at that time… What happened that day will continue to be a secret between us. I don’t want it to leak it out either. Of course, I got a check back then, but OH Entertainment is now my company.”

Kwon recalled things then and said with a quick smile, “Yes, I see.”

I was about to say a real good-bye. But then, he said one more thing, “Boss, then… Should I tell Oh Hyun-joo that?”

Come to think of it, there was one more person who knew this fact: Oh Hyun-joo. I thought about it for a while, and said to him, “Oh, that’s… I think it would be better for me to talk to her in person.”

“Oh, would you?”

‘I’m sure it’ll be more fun. Maybe she’ll recognize me, too. I’m curious about that.’

“Yes. I think it’s better. Oh Hyun-joo does not know that I’m going to be a major shareholder, does she?”

“Of course not. I didn’t know until just now.”

“Yes, then, just keep it that secret. When we meet again, I’ll talk to her in person.”

I read it over and over again, focusing on it, because it was the name of the company, the part where my name was in it, and I wondered if it was good or not. But in this article, it just said a new Investment Company took over CKD Entertainment. It simply stated a list of facts.

[… it is noteworthy whether the big deal will be concluded.]

‘He said he’d write it well. There’s not much good to say.’

I looked at it for a moment, but then I thought of CKD Entertainment.

‘Now they know that our company is taking over the CKD Entertainment. That’s why the stock price went up. The rumor of the takeover is good news for a stock price to rise.’

I returned to HTS.

[CKD Entertainment +2%]

The stock price of CKD Entertainment, which briefly ran to +5%, was back down. It was no wonder, as our company had no name and no huge capital. Just like Jiwoo Entertainment, it was hard for the story of an orphan who had been adopted to the home of a chaebol, to come out.

I dropped by the stock bulletin board.

– Finally, a new owner comes out. Thank God. CEO Do Chan-ki, how much did he lose?

– Han Sang Hoon is the new owner? He is young. What’s Invictus like?

– Han Sang Hoon? I haven’t heard of the name. It’s like a rumor. If you buy it now, you’re a fool. Be careful.

My name was already going up and down. I suddenly remembered the chairman being cursed at Jiwoo Entertainment.

– Kim Dong-il, you son of a bitch! Because of you, I lost my house and my car…

I hoped I would do well so that our stock price would not go down in the future.

‘I’m sure I’ll do well.’

I took my eyes off HTS and went back to the news where my name came out.

[It is reported that Han Sang-hoon (29), a young CEO, is running the new company.]

My name appeared in the real news, not in the news of 12 Hours After, and it made me feel strange. I watched the article for a while. But at that time, suddenly a terrible thought flashed through my mind.

“Uh… Wait a minute… This?”

I got out of my seat. First, the rule that the Customer Service had informed me was that the news from 12 Hours After and 12 Days After would follow the rules of the Korean news. My name was on the real news. There was a thing that came into my mind when the two things came together.

‘If I become famous enough to appear on the news every day?’

I tried portal sites with a slight tremor. Slowly, I searched my name each letter on the portal site. ‘Han Sang Hoon’

There were countless news reports of people named ‘Han Sang-hoon,’ me and others of the same name.

‘… why hadn’t I realized that before?’

It was probably because I had always lived as an extra character in this world, as a supporting actor. I’d never thought of it this way, because I’d never lived in the world as the main character, and I’d never imagined my name would appear in the news.

I would become the most famous Han Sang Hoon in Korea. Then I would be able to find out what would happen in my life in the future by 12 Hours After, 12 Days After, 12 Weeks After, 12 Months After and 12 Years After. I could find out everything I would do through People Search.

‘And then… like the chairman of the Masung Group… There is no need to die of a heart attack because I can fix the future.’

I got up from the chair and I looked out of the window. I thought I had finally figured out how to use 12 Hours After.

‘When I become a main character of the world, news will be written about me. And I will know what news is going to be written.’

I shivered slightly at the fact.


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