12 Hours After - Chapter 41

Title12 Hours After – Chapter 41
Alternative Title12시간뒤
Genre(s)Action, Adventure
TypeChinese Web Novel

12 Hours After – Chapter 41 – A very ordinary white collar worker, Han Sang Hoon. One day, he came late to work and there he finds a strange destiny called 12[Hours After].

Chapter 41: Chapter 41. The End And The Beginning

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED

“Take it.”

My dad lifted the bottle of Soju. I held out my glass for a drink. The glasses were all full and we hit the glasses briefly, then drank Soju at the same time. The scent of the pungent Soju poked the tip of my nose.


Tonight, I drank with my dad in the living room after a long time. My dad put chili paste on eggplant and said, chewing hard. “Are you having such a hard time working?”

‘What should I tell him?’

I opened my mouth for a moment, then closed it, and managed to open it again.

‘It’s tough. I can stand the hard times, but I can’t stand the pointless work. I do the same thing all the time, and all I learn is to curry favor with my boss. It’s a life I have been born and lived once, and it is so hard to be a slave to my paycheck…’

In my unconscious mind, I was about to say all that, but I was quick to correct it.

“It’s awful.”


My dad looked down at the empty glass without saying much. I was sorry to see him while I was whining. Besides, he had done the same thing for decades, and I’d only done it for a year. I spoke up again, filling the glass with Soju, “Dad.”



I looked up into the sky, whistling. The blue sky looked like it was going to be in my hands right now. I had become a really rich man. I beckoned a visible taxi as I was going down the road. “Taxi!”

The taxi stopped next to me soon. I said my destination in the back seat. “Go to Yeoksam Station, please.”


I entered the office of the company in blue jeans and a colorful polo shirt. Everyone else was surprised to see me. Everyone was frozen in amazement, but Choi, a close friend of mine, approached and asked. “What is it, Han Sang-hoon? It’s your annual paid holiday today. Did you leave something behind?”

Strangely, that was correct. I left something at work.

“Oh, I’ve left something behind.”

I passed him by and approached my seat. I then took out my resignation, which I had kept in the drawer.

When the white envelope came out of the drawer, Choi was surprised. “Uh… you… that’s… no way!”

I passed the frozen Choi, and went to Heo’s desk.

“What are you doing? Why are you here? Did you suddenly get caught in your conscience after applying for your annual paid holiday? By the way, what’s with that look? What the hell?”

“I’m here to talk to you about something.”

“What is it?”

I put my resignation before him and said, “I’m quitting this company today.”


I could feel all the eyes in the office on me.

Heo also looked at me with a slight surprise.

“Are you… are you serious? You hit the bathroom wall all of a sudden, huh? You seem to be out of your mind lately, so you are quitting all of a sudden? Is the company a joke? You won’t live long in society with such a mind. Huh?”

That was terrible. He was even saying bad things to someone who said he was leaving.

“If you quit here, you’re done, huh? You can’t stand it here, so where do you think you will be working from now on?”

I didn’t want to hear any more.

“Mr. Heo Young-sik!” When I called his name, he looked at me in surprise.

“Tell me straight, I’m not a person in this company anymore. I’m not your guy. Now that we don’t know each other, who are you talking down to?”

Heo was so surprised that he couldn’t say anything more.

“Let’s see. Maybe… you’ll use honorific language for me the next time we meet. Please do a good job of dealing with my resignation.”

I left the word and turned back. People in the office were staring at me with a slight grin. It must be refreshing to many people, but they still read Heo’s countenance. It was the playful Choi that showed me a little thumbs-up.

‘He is a funny guy.’

I laughed and went to my seat, then stepped out of the company door with only my personal stuff. When I walked out again, I saw the crosswalk where everything had started. I looked up into the sky this time, unlike the time when I had been late and staring at the ground with a sigh. There were countless buildings under the sky in Gangnam. I mumbled at the buildings. ‘How much would that be?’

It would cost tens to hundreds of million dollars. But somehow, even those buildings were likely to come into my hands soon.

However, what section chief Heo Young-sik said moments ago came to my mind. ‘You’re done.’

But he was wrong. He had been so wrong so far, so he was staying in that position.

“No,” I said, shaking my head as if he were in front of me. “I’m starting from now on!”


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